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Regions and Nations

In recent years, BUCS has developed its' regional groups and structures in order to enhance development work and sharing of best practice with institutions across the Higher Education sector.

In each region, staff from each institution's Sport Department, Athletic Union or Students' Union meet regularly to discuss ongoing or upcoming initiatives and development projects, alongside wider BUCS competition and policy issues.

There are currently 12 BUCS regions and nations:

Scotland     Wales     Northern Ireland

North West     Yorkshire     North East

West Midlands     East Midlands

South West     London     South East


For information on the contact details for each region's Staff and Student Chairs, Regional Secretary and Competitions Group Representative, please click on the relevant link above or BUCS Regions link on the left hand side of this page.

BUCS Updates 2018/19

Prior to each period of regional meetings, a BUCS Update is produced to inform members of recent BUCS developments, with this including departmental updates and details regarding any new or upcoming projects of note. A member of BUCS staff attends each meeting to answer any relevant questions and take any additional queries from members back to the BUCS office.

If you would like any of the Updates from the previous season please contact Emma or Danni (emails below).

For any further information on BUCS' Regions and Nations please contact Danielle Shields, North regions or TBC , South regions. For any information regarding South Regions please contact Matt Holdstock.


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