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BUCS AGM 2017 took place on Tuesday 5 December 2017 at De Montfort University in conjunction with the BUCS Winter Seminar.

AGMThe BUCS AGM and Winter Seminar took place on Tuesday 5 December 2017 at The Venue, De Montfort University

This event is specifically for staff members and student representatives at BUCS member institutions. The content of the day will combine the formal BUCS AGM with a number of different keynote and networking sessions, providing thought provoking development and learning opportunities for members.

Please click here for the full event agenda (Winter Seminar and AGM). 


Agenda & papers

The Agenda for BUCS AGM 2017 is available here.

Confirmation of the proposals approved is shown below.
The minutes of the BUCS AGM held on 5 December 2017 are available here.

Papers are available as follows:

Appendix 1 - Minutes of AGM 8 December 2016  APPROVED
Appendix 2 - Special Resolution to amend the Articles of the Company  APPROVED
Appendix 2a - Draft Articles of Association
Appendix 3 - New applications for membership  APPROVED
Appendix 3a - Current list of BUCS members
Appendix 4 - Draft Annual Accounts (yr end 31 July 2017) - these are draft final accounts subject to final proof reading  APPROVED
Final signed accounts (yr end 31 July 2017) available here.
Appendix 5 - Affiliation fee proposal  APPROVED
Appendix 6 - Board appointments  APPROVED
Appendix 6a - Chair continuation  APPROVED
Appendix 7 - FA Council nominee  APPROVED

For details on how members may submit an agenda item to AGM, please click here.

Voting representatives

Members are reminded that as per Article 4 of the BUCS Articles of Association they are entitled to send two voting representatives to the AGM - one student and one member of staff. These are the representatives named each year in conjunction with payment of your subscription (usually August/September).
To check your current member representatives, please go to the Member Administration web page here

If member representatives need to be changed, please complete the Change of Details or Representative Form available here 

If a member representative is unable to attend in person, a proxy from the same institution may be appointed (valid only for this meeting).  Only named representatives or listed proxies will be permitted to vote. 

- Proxy forms for AGM are available here.

- Please note voting will be done using the 'First Past The Post' system.

- Any abstentions from voting will not be counted. An abstention indicates neither yes or no.

- For details of previous years' AGMs & BUCS Elections please use the Archive link on the left side of this page.

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