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Member Administration

This is the member administration area for information on membership and guidance on how to make changes to your BUCS Member account.

BUCS Members

For a current list of BUCS Members click here.

Member Representatives

Two Member Representatives are required to be declared by each Member Institution on an annual basis, this is a fundamental obligation of Membership of BUCS. This is in accordance with Article 4 of our Articles of Association.  For more information about the Governance of BUCS and the Articles of Association that govern us please click here.

The current list of Member Reps can be found in the downloads to the top right of this page. It is these contacts that we will use for governance matters and who are eligible to vote at our AGM, etc.

Annual declarations of Member Representatives MUST be made by the 1st October each year.

Please note that one of the two Member Representatives must be a Student or Member of the Member's SU or AU.

Annual declaration of Member Representatives (or any mid-year changes) MUST be advised using the 'Member Representative Declaration / Change Form' on the right. Please note that where Member Representatives are changing the outgoing or alternate Member Representative must authorise the change.

Role of a Member Representative
The role of the Member Representative is to exercise the right of membership on behalf of the Member Institution. Each Member Rep is entitled to one vote at AGM or any EGMs and is responsible for authorisation of any changes to their Member Account.

Changes to your Membership Account

Changes to your member account must be requested using the official 'Member Change Form' to the right and the changes must be authorised by your Member Representative. The current list of registered Member Representatives can be found on the right of this page.

Changes which require notification would be:

Change or Addition of BUCScore Primary Contact
(Please note this is the name listed on BUCScore as your main contact and also on BUCScore invoices)
Change or Addition of BUCScore Master User (BUCScore user with all rights)
Change of Institution Name
Change of Institution Address

If you are unsure if your change requires notification please email

Leaving BUCS 

If you are considering leaving BUCS please email to review your circumstances /options and BUCS will be able to offer guidance.

Withdraw your Institution from Membership
Use the 'Withdrawal Form' to advise us of your institution's immediate withdrawal from BUCS. This form is available on the right of this page.

Resign your Institution from Membership
Use the Resignation Form' to give notice of your institution's resignation from BUCS. Please note 21 clear days notice is required. This form is available on the right of this page.

Should you have any questions or queries relating to changes to your BUCS membership or to resign or withdraw your institution from BUCS then please contact

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