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Associate Membership

Associate membership shall not entitle the institution to voting rights but will be entitled to a number of privileges as determined by BUCS.

LUSLInstitutions wishing to join BUCS in order to participate in LUSL events only, or universities who do not wish to become members, but would like to be kept informed of BUCS' activities and business, can apply in writing to become an Associate Member, as can those organisations which are not eligible to become members in relation to Article 2. Institutions wishing to become full members of the Company during an academic year will only be entitled to associate membership until such time as approval can be granted by the AGM.

Associate members will not be entitled to vote at any general meeting or at the AGM. Associates will however be entitled to such privileges as the Company shall determine from time to time. Each associate member shall pay such annual subscription as determined by the AGM on an annual basis.

A flat fee of £50 will be charged annually to all associate members for their affiliation.

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