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WUCS 2012 - Rugby 7s

Rugby 7s

The 2016 World University Rugby 7s Championships will be held in Swansea, Great Britain from the 7 - 9 July.

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General and sport specific selection criteria can be found under 'Selection Criteria 2016' to the left of this page.

Teams & Results
Men's Team
1. Jonathon Dawe (Wales) – Cardiff Metropolitan University
2. Patrick Jenkinson (England)   – University of Bath
3. Charles Kingham (England) – Loughborough University
4. Samir Kharbouch (England) – St Mary’s University
5. Samuel Pointon (England) – Loughborough University
6. Christopher Levesley (England) – Cardiff Metropolitan University
7. Thomas James (England) – Loughborough University
8. Zack Henry (England)   – University of Bath
9. Robert Coote (England) – University of Exeter
10. Jack Rossiter (England) – St Mary's University
11. James Beal (England) – Cardiff Metropolitan University
12. Robert Stevenson (Wales) – Durham University

Phil Llewellyn - Team Manager
James Farndon - Head Coach            
Aaron James - Assistant Coach       
Lorcan McGee - Physio
Andrew Rhys Jones - Video Analyst

Finished - 2nd

Women's Team
1. Matilda Vaughan-Fowler (England) - University of Bristol
2. Abigail Rose Walker (England) – University of Gloucestershire
3. Tatyana Heard (England) – Cardiff Metropolitan University
4. Sydney Gregson (England) – University of Bath
5. Rebecca Defilippo (Wales) – University of Exeter
6. Devon Holt (England) – University of Gloucestershire
7. Lucy Nye (England) – Loughborough University
8. Robyn Wilkins (Wales) – Cardiff University
9. Hannah Jones (Wales) – Hartpury College
10. Charlotte Holland (England) – University of Bath
11. Kelly smith (England) – Hartpury College
12. Emma Hennessy (Wales) – Swansea University

Finished - 5th

Hannah John - Team Manager      
Susie Appleby - Head Coach              
Nick Wakley- Assistant Coach        
Andy Kelly - Physio     
Jonathan Hooper - Strength & Conditioning Coach                           

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Samurai Logo

Samurai Sportswear is the Official Technical Wear Supplier for Team GBR at the World University Rugby Championships 2016.

BUCS is extremely grateful to our Team GBR supporters, the Rugby Football Union, the Welsh Rugby Union and the Students' RFU, and the official Team GBR technical wear supplier Samurai Sportswear.

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