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The 2016 World University Orienteering Championships will be held in Miskolc, Hungary from the 30 July - 4 August.

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General and sport specific selection criteria can be found under 'Selection Criteria 2016' to the left of this page.

Photos from this event will be available in due course.
Team & Results
Men’s Team
Aidan Smith - University of Oxford - Middle - 45th, Long - 32nd
Alexander Chepelin - University of Edinburgh - Middle - 32nd, Long - 24th
Jonathan Crickmore - Heriot-Watt - Sprint - 12th=
Kristian Jones - Ulster University - Sprint - GOLD, Middle - 47th
Peter Hodkinson - The University of Tulsa - Sprint - 9th=
William Gardner - University of Sheffield - Sprint - 6th, Middle - 13th

Women’s Team
Charlotte Watson - University of Edinburgh - Middle - 31st, Long - 12th
Charlotte Ward - The University of Sheffield - Sprint - 7th
Joanna Shepherd - Edinburgh University - Middle - 25th, Long - 21st
Lucy Butt - Durham University-  Middle - 19th, Long - 23rd
Megan Carter-Davies - University of Bristol - Sprint - 8th
Katherine Reynolds - University of Edinburgh - Sprint - 41st, Middle - 24th

Sprint Relay - GOLD
Ward, Hodkinson, Jones, Carter-Davies

Men's Relay - 12th
Gardner, Hodkinson, Jones

Women's Relay - 5th
Shepherd, Butt, Watson

Ed Nicholas - Team Manager
Mark Nixon - Coach
Jack Dawkins - Physio

Kris Jones wins gold at the 2016 World University Orienteering Championships

Gold for Team GBR in the Mixed Sprint Relay team at the World University Orienteering Championships

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