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BUCS Cross Country 2013

Cross Country

The 2016 World University Cross Country Championships will be held in Cassino, Italy on the 12 March.

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General and sport specific selection criteria can be found under 'Selection Criteria 2016' to the left of this page.

Team & Results
Maximilian Nicholls - King's College London 47th
Andrew Heyes - University of Birmingham DNS
Daniel Nash - Cardiff University 30th
Jacob Allen - St. Mary's University DNF
Alexander Brecker - University of Warwick 28th
Jack Rowe - St Mary’s University 48th

Men's Team - 9th

Amelia Pettitt - Newcastle University 17th
Jennifer Nesbitt - University of Bath 4th
Philippa Woolven - University of Birmingham 6th
Rebecca Murray - University of Birmingham 24th
Damaris Smith - University of Birmingham 25th
Beth Hawling - Cardiff University 12th

Women's Team - 2nd

Mick Woods - Team Manager
Chris Jones - Coach
Mark Pollard - Coach
Stephen Bramson - Physio

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Event Photos
Great Britain Cross Country TeamWomen's WUCs Cross Country 2016





Women's WUCs Cross Country 2016Women's Team Cross Country 2016





Men's WUCs Cross Country 2016













Photo cred: Local Organising Committee (Facebook)

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