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What club development support can BUCS offer?

As part of BUCS' commitment to increase participation in university sport, the BUCS Sport Development team aims to support member institutions to develop the organisation and structure of their student sport clubs.

Developing a good club structure will increase the potential for the club to be successful both in and out of competition with participation alongside this, and as such, the pursuit of club development is highly recommended to all club committees.

Club Development

There are many different ways in which a university can enhance the development of its' sports clubs and teams, and as such BUCS has tailored its support to individual member institutions via the development of club committee training packages and club development planning processes.

BUCS has provided support and assistance to member universities in the following areas over the past 5 years:

1. Writing club development guidelines

2. Creating and tailoring club committee handbooks

3. Developing the club committee training that is delivered

4. Developing meaningful club committee role descriptions

5. Creating sustainable club development plans

6. Linking to external support, resources and partners

7. Focus sport club schemes and initiatives

8. Internal club accreditation schemes

If your university would like more information on how BUCS can support the club development planning and structure at your institution in the 2017-2018 academic year, or to discuss higher education club development please contact the Development Team.


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