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Student Representatives

Within BUCS, Sabbatical Officers from universities across the UK are represented by four BUCS Student Officers, elected on an annual basis, with one Student Officer elected to serve on the BUCS Board as Student Director.

BUCS Officer Elections

Between Sabbatical Officers and the BUCS Student Officers, SU and AU Sabbaticals are one of the key communication pathways linking the BUCS Advisory Group, Regional Committees and BUCS staff with member universities and their students.

Working alongside one another each year, it is anticipated that these representatives will have direct insight into the opinions and concerns of students.

You can find out more about the four elected BUCS Student Officers for 2019/20 via the link on the left-hand side of this page and access the Facebook group for 2018/19 Sabbatical Officers to link in with other student representatives.

Each year, the four Student Officers sit on Advisory Group with all Regional Staff and Student Chairs and other BUCS member representatives to discuss BUCS matters and provide recommendations to the Board. 

The Student Director also acts as the student voice at Board level, with this ensuring that students are represented at all levels of BUCS' decision making bodies.

Decision making structure

You can find details of the Student Officer elections as held at BUCS Conference 2019 here, but if you would like more information about next year's Student Officer elections, please contact Claire Livesey.


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