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REG 19 - BUCS Points


REG 19.1   Individual BUCS Points will be accrued by institutions, dependent on the restrictions imposed by the competition. Restrictions will be clearly stated in the event specific regulations.


REG 19.2   Points will not be allocated where the minimum number of competitors has not been reached, and where there are not enough individual scores to extract a team score.  For example if there are only three competitors in an event only Gold and Silver medals, and therefore points, will be awarded.


REG 19.3   For the Team (from individual scores) and Team Championship (stand-alone), institutions can only accrue one set of BUCS Points, regardless of their finishing positions, unless stated otherwise in the sport specific rules.


REG 19.4   For the Team Trophy and shield (stand-alone), institutions may accrue BUCS Points per finishing position.  If teams are tied for a position, points for that position will be shared between the tied teams.


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