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This Girl Can

Sport England's new campaign, 'This Girl Can' is a sassy celebration of active women everywhere. 

It is an attitude, not a kite mark. Sport England believe it is unlike any other campaign currently in the sporting sector. It intends to use a tone of voice which is positive, inclusive and a little bit sassy….’speak to the girls as one of the girls’.  
Sport England’s growing insight especially into younger women, shows that many of the barriers they encounter are emotional as well as practical – how they feel about sport is as important as finding a convenient, affordable option. At the same time, it is known that 75% of women and girls actually want to exercise and participate more. The insight clearly shows that among women, there is a significant demand to be more active - but something is stopping them. 
Sport England talked to women of all ages, right across England and identified a fresh and unifying insight - the fear of judgement. Whether it’s fear of judgement about appearance, ability, or for spending time on yourself rather than with family, it can outweigh women’s confidence to exercise.
‘This Girl Can’ seeks to ‘Liberate women from fear of judgement’ and aims to forge new positive social attitudes around women and girls playing sport and being physically active, breaking down a key barrier so that they feel more comfortable exercising. 

Key Objectives:

1.     A communications campaign that sets a new tone, creates new role models and resonates for the long term.

2. Get more women and girls aged 14 – 40 regularly exercising or playing sport (1 x 30mins)

3. Less fear of judgment, more confidence and more enjoyment

4. A new way of thinking and talking about women and girls exercising and playing sport
Sport England want this to be a long term campaign. A key element will be the marketing materials which partners and brands who share the values of the campaign can use. It is hoped that if you are a university that is planning on delivering to women and girls within the age demographic of the campaign you will be keen to get involved! 

This is something that every university can get involved with from the start as the official launch date is on the 12th January 2015.

The campaign in the first half of 2015 is a launch pad to something much bigger, broader and longer, and universities involvement as both earlier and later adopters will be vital towards delivering the This Girl Can message through to the HE sector and make a lasting behavioural change impact!


Get Involved....!

If you would like to register your university to the campaign you will need to follow the simple registration process, details of which can be found on the right hand side of this page or by downloading the document here. Once registered you will have access to a toolkit which includes materials and branding for your use.

To keep up to date on all the activity around This Girl Can and to promote any activity you are doing around the campaign, make sure you follow the social media forums below: 

Twitter: @ThisGirlCanUK – and use the #thisgirlcan hashtag 




If you have any questions please speak to the Sport England HE Team email address in the first instance and they can then filter through your query to the best person within the This Girl Can team. If you have any problems with your registration or login please contact 



This Girl Can

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