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Winter Universiade Curling

Stuart Taylor

University: University of Strathclyde

Course: Production Engineering and Management

How long have you been participating in your sport?: 15 Years

Why did you start participating in this sport?: My Dad took me along to watch him play.

Past records and Performances: 
I have now been part of the RCCC squad system for 7 years and in this time I have worked hard on my curling technique, my curling tactics, my general fitness. I have played in many different teams and understand how important it is to be a coherent group and that the team comes first. All my hard work paid off last year as my team and I managed to finish 2nd in the Scottish junior championship. I would be honoured to represent Great Britain and have a fantastic opportunity to compete at a multi-sport event. 

Awards/honours received: 

Who has been the most influential person in your sporting career?:My Dad because he plays the sport too and i always ask his opinion before making any big decisions.

List your hobbies and/or special skills: Can solve a Rubik's Cube


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