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BUCS were delighted to sign a 3 year partnership with Camp America in 2018. As the worlds largest international summer camp staff provider, they recruit 8000 young people annually to work on their summer camps across the United States, providing incredible opportunities for young people of all backgrounds across the UK. 

Camp America creates a truly international experience that brings all kinds of people together through the power of summer camp. Working with hundreds of summer camps located all over the USA, Camp America offers a huge range of work placements to everyone. From lively private camps to rewarding special needs camps - whatever your skills or interests, they're bound to have a camp to suit you! For more information about the different types of camps they work with click here

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Case Studies:

Name: Connor Feakin
Age: 21
Years with Camp America: Four
University: Cardiff Met University
Sport: Squash

‘Being part of the Squash team at Uni has given me something other than my course to focus on which means that I don’t burn out from too much of the same thing, I think that at camp it’s really important to work hard but at the same time do different things to make sure you don’t burn out.

I would do any sport possible at camp, I live for sport so if it was English football, American football, baseball, basketball and all the different types of dodgeball done at camp I was always join in and give it a go.
Joining a sports team is quite similar to going to camp for the first time, you worry about not knowing anyone and thinking if it will be good but 1 day in you have some incredible friends and are so comfortable!"

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Name: Beth Laidlaw
Age: 23
Years with Camp America: Three
University: Newcastle
Sport: Waterpolo

‘I play water polo at Uni and was the Captain two years ago. Apart from obviously making me a more confident lifeguard, playing water polo as part of a large, competitive squad helped me to communicate with camp staff effectively, both in everyday camp situations and in high stress situations. 

The first day at camp was a bit like joining the Uni team in first year- you don’t really know what you’re doing, there’s a lot of new faces & things to learn, but the older team members/camp staff take you in as one of the team quickly and will always be happy to help you with anything! 

One of the reasons I love camp is because you’re part of an elite team, who all work hard for each other, laugh and cry together and, in the end, come out with a summer full of memories!’ 

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Name: Adam Trott
Age: 20
Years with Camp America: One
University: University of Liverpool
Sport: Archery

‘Being part of a sports team at university definitely helped me at camp, after all, I was coaching that sport for the entire summer! I'm a competitive archer and camps in the US love archery; I was lucky enough to get placed within a week after my Camp America interview as there's a high demand for archery staff in the States!

To anyone who is currently in a sports team at university and thinking about doing Camp America next summer, all I can say is... DO IT! I was slightly apprehensive at first, but once I'd applied Camp America were so supportive throughout the entire process and I can say, hand on heart, that it was the most fun and rewarding summer of my entire life, and I can't wait to get back to my camp next year! After doing Camp America, I can honestly say that everyone from the entire experience are now like family to me, and I can't recommend the programme highly enough!’

More stories about people's experience at camp can be found here


 Emma Burns: Camp America Sales & Business Development

‘Camp America have been providing amazing summer opportunities for young people since 1969. Spending 9 weeks working on a summer camp in the USA – you’ll meet new people and make friends from all over the world! Make the most of your summer break and enhance your CV with an experience like no other. It’s a great way to get outdoors, try new activities + it fits into a summer during University or makes a great start to a gap year! Combining work and travel, you become the best version of yourself.
Whether you’re a budding Olympian or a beginner, spend a summer doing the sport you love in America!’ 

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