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Working in partnership with Baseball & Softball UK (BSUK) and Sport England, BUCS Development Team has supported the development of a specific offer for higher education baseball and softball.

Baseball and Softball offer a broader sports experience for the students at University. The social nature of the sports is perfect for the student environment. BSUK has a number of opportunities for university students to get involved in the sports:

Hit the Pitch: BSUK's new participation programme designed to attract new participants to the sports. Universities is a key area of this initiative with specific resources and support available to the development of the sports in the HE sector in 3 areas - DAY, TEAM and LEAGUE. For more information please click here.

National University Softball Championships: BSUK have recently established the National University Softball Championships. The bi- annual event takes place at the national facility at Farnham Park in 
Buckinghamshire. For a review of the latest National Championship please click here.
National Baseball University Championships: BSUK also host a bi-annual Baseball University Championship - also held at the national facility in Farnham. For a review of the most recent Championships please click here.
BSUK are also keen to establish individual Baseball and softball programmes in the University sector and would be keen to talk to any Universities to look at achieving this. 

For further information on any of the above programames and events or to discuss developing Baseball and/or Softball at your university please contact Amy Seaman, BUCS Development Manager 


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