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Physiotherapists and Doctor roles at events

BUCS appoints physiotherapists to provide event cover at a wide variety of domestic events. Currently, physiotherapists are involved in about 20 different sports. The events occur throughout the academic sports season with the majority between October and March. The events are spread across week days and weekend days.

Depending on the injury risk of the sport, there may also be a requirement for a doctor to be present; for instance, at boxing, rugby and football.

BUCS events, particularly the larger ones, provide an excellent opportunity for doctors and physiotherapists looking to enhance their sporting experience. BUCS currently operate two multi-sport events where are large number of doctors and physiotherapists come together to work and share knowledge and skills.

Involvement in the domestic programme can additionally lead to a variety of international opportunities.

For domestic events, BUCS provides expenses and daily rates for ACPSM qualified physiotherapists and doctors. Students and newly qualified individuals are also able to be involved in a shadowing capacity.

Anyone interested in getting involved as a physiotherapist or doctor at a BUCS event can find more information below.

If you require further information please contact the BUCS Chief Physio or BUCS Chief Medical Officer.


Key Events for the 2018-19 Season

BUCS Cross Country Championships - 2 February 2019 - Exeter

BUCS Boxing Preliminaries - 1 - 3 February 2019, Wolverhampton

BUCS Nationals - 15-17 February 2019, Sheffield

BUCS Big Wednesday - 27 March 2019, University of Nottingham

BUCS Rugby 7's Championships - TBC

BUCS Outdoor Athletics Championships - 4-6 May 2019


BUCS Physiotherapists Information

BUCS Doctors Information

General Paperwork

Doctor/Physio Assessment Sheet 
Emergency Department Letter (can be edited per event then printed in advance)
GP/Physio Letter (can be edited per event then printed in advance)
Doctor/Physio Expense Claim Form (*new form* - please remember to write your ACPSM/Daily rate on here if applicable).

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