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National Student Esports

National Student Esports (NSE), is the new official body which aims to support the development of the university esports landscape and will operate the first official university esports championship.

By working with student organisations and game publishers, and with BUCS to leverage their knowledge, relationships and infrastructure across the higher education sector, NSE aims to raise the profile of university esports and create the best university esports experience worldwide. Their goal will be to build the community and to enrich and support the student experience at universities. By partnering with BUCS, NSE will also look to bring the higher education sector and the esports industry together to recognise the exceptional talent of student leaders in the esports and gaming space. 


Follow National Student Esports on Facebook or Twitter to find out more about the opportunities available for students at your institution. 



Jonathan Tilbury, executive director of National Student Esports: 
“Esports is already one of the largest competitive activities on campus but largely goes under the radar. Most major universities have an active society and participation in university competitions eclipses all other national esports competitions. Over the next few months we’ll be working with societies to make sure NSE is shaped according to their needs. Through the support from BUCS and Benchmark, we’ll be able to ensure these needs are met.”



Vince Mayne, Chief Executive Officer of BUCS: 
"The passion and commitment of the university esports community is outstanding and we believe it deserves further recognition and support. Our experience stems from university sport and we are aware that esports does not need to be defined in this way. This is why we’ve partnered with experts in their field and why NSE will exist as a separate entity. It’s important that the community is listened to and that we provide a platform to unite and support students around the UK like never before.”


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