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Working in partnership with Volleyball England and Sport England, BUCS Development Team has supported the development of the Higher Education Volleyball Officer (HEVO) offer for volleyball in higher education. 

Volleyball England's HEVO programme utilises volunteer student in a host institutions to deliver a yearlong action plan for about 4-6 hours per week. 

The programme offers support in the recruitment and deployment of a HEVO to lead and coordinate the development of volleyball at the host university. They will encourage new participants to the sport and ensure a quality experience for all players, regardless of their ability, whilst maintaining a key focus on developing quality recreational opportunities based on the 4play4 Volleyball format. 

Benefits to the university are financial investment in Volleyball England, increase in student sport participation numbers and improvement in student experience; training for a student committee member (HEVO) increasing employability skills, develop a strong working partnership with Volleyball England, national promotion of institution through successful case studies, positive development reports shared with BUCS and Sport England HE Team, tools provide to work towards improving BUCS performance. 

All relevant forms can be found on the right hand side of this page under the 'Downloads' section.

If you require further information on the HEVO programme click here or email  Rob Payne

For more information on developing volleyball at your university or for universities outside of England who would like to discuss alternative opportunities please contact Amy Seaman, BUCS Development Manager.



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