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Working in partnership with the Lawn Tennis Association, Tennis Foundation and Sport England, BUCS Development Team has supported the development of a specific offer for higher education Tennis. The attached document details the current offer from the Tennis Foundation available to universities in England wishing to develop their Tennis delivery within the university. 

Sport England TennisTennis in the HE sector is thriving and the Tennis Foundation is providing considerable investment to  continue to support and develop university tennis. BUCS is working in partnership with the Tennis Foundation to increase the number of playing opportunities for students within the HE sector. The Tennis Foundation currently fund 25 University Tennis Co-ordinators (UTCs) in different institutions across the country. This programme has created additional opportunities for students to play, compete, and receive additional coaching and training to develop their tennis skills. You can find out more about UTCs here.

As part of this support to higher education the Tennis Foundation has produced a Guide to University Tennis to promote the various areas of support that are accessible for universities to develop participation including club support, and competitive and development opportunities. This document can be found in downloads section to the right of this page. 

BUCS member institutions also have the opportunity to engage in two programmes that have been designed to support universities who wish to develop their university tennis programmes in areas of participation, competition, workforce development and community links:

University Tennis Development Grant - Up to £500 grant for universities who have an ambition to grow their tennis programme.
University Tennis Ambassadors - voluntary role for undergraduate students as a University Tennis Ambassador at their institution, usually for one year.

Institutions can apply for one, or both of the above programmes. However, it is recommended to apply for both, as they have been designed to complement each other.

University Tennis Development Awards

University Tennis Development Grants of up to £500 are available on an annual basis to support University Tennis Clubs to grow participation and help more students and staff play tennis. The main purpose of the Development Grant is to increase the number of students and staff participating weekly.

Additional information can be found here.

University Tennis Ambassadors

BUSA Tennis Team Championships 2008A University Tennis Ambassador is a voluntary position held by a current undergraduate student, usually for one year. Ambassadors have the main aim of supporting the development of the university tennis club. They are supported by having access to National University Training and helpful webinars (topics include planning for Freshers' Fair, developing your workforce, developing your programme). Ambassadors are provided with a great opportunity to have a positive impact on tennis participation at their university and support the implementation of Development Grant applications. 

The recruitment and selection process for the ambassador is to be determined by the university and have an named Line Manager to coordinate monitoring and evaluation reports. The role is not intended to negatively impact on the work of University Tennis Club Committee.  It is recommended that a student with an interest in coaching and keen to use the personal development aspect of the grant to advance their qualifications would be the right person for the role.  

For further information on any of the above areas or programmes and how the Tennis Foundation can support the development of tennis at your institution please visit the University Tennis pages on the Tennis Foundation website or contact Alistair Higham – Higher Education Manager at the Tennis Foundation -

For further information on the programmes above and for universities outside of England looking to discuss alternative opportunities please contact Harrison Fernandez Lewis, Higher Education Tennis Administrator.

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