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British Fencing - NEWBritish Fencing are working with a number of universities to create an entry level opportunity for students interested in getting into fencing. Part of this offer involves up skilling a student as a University Fencing Officer (UFO). Further information on the programme and the student role is available below. 


SABRE:LITE is a modified version of Olympic Sabre Fencing designed to be engaging and accessible as an entry point into the sport of Fencing.

SABRE:LITE features simplified rules and comes complete with coaching and competition resources.

Further information on SABRE:LITE is available here.


University Fencing Officers (UFOs)

The role of the UFO is to lead and coordinate the development of new swordplay opportunities at the host university in order to encourage new participants into fencing, ensuring an attractive and high quality experience for all. The focus of this role is to develop an appealing opportunity for students, attracting them Sabre:Lite - an introductory experience to fencing based on the principles of sabre.

A full role description is available via the download column on the right hand side. 

British Fencing are running a UFO Course on the 16th & 17th September 2017. Information is available on the British Fencing Website.



British Fencing has contacted all British universities to find out what provisions they have for fencing training.  If you are considering which university to apply for and fencing is a consideration then please click here for all the information that you need to know about their fencing programme. 


If you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact Ian Stewart, British Fencing Higher Education Programme Manager, or Amy Seaman, BUCS Development Manager.


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