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Working in partnership with England and Wales Cricket Board and Sport England, BUCS Development Team has supported the development of a specific offer for higher education Cricket.

Summer Intra Mural Offer - Last Man Stands

The Last Man Stands offer for intra-mural activity is our preferred offer – providing people who want to play, but are not necessarily at BUCS standard, the chance to be part of a team and play social but competitive fixtures, with a hard ball, pads and gloves, against their peers.

Last Man Stands ( is an 8 a side format of the game, based on Twenty 20 cricket, lasting only 2 hours and keeps all players involved through its innovative rules.

ECB and Last Man Stands have been working alongside each other for the past four years, and have seen participation levels soar as a result. The fast paced nature of the game, along with the coloured kit, interactive web package and global involvement, appeals to players of all standards, but in particular the social players of all standards that are looking to play cricket with their friends.  

Last Man Stands is a franchise based operation, meaning there are costs associated with match fees and entry for teams. Costs will be agreed locally (ideally somewhere in the region of £3 per player), and are appropriate to ensure the competition is valued. Pitches, umpires, scorers and all of the administration are arranged by the franchise holder – all the students need to do is turn up to play. 

The opportunities that LMS can provide to a University are:

1. Potential 100% funding for Non Turf Pitches on University outdoor facilities
2. Everything is organised for the students by LMS
3. Leadership experience for students – captains, league managers, umpires
4. Showcase facilities and engage with wider community

Winter – Indoor Soft ball Cricket

This is very much based on our Further Education product – Indoor 24 (, with the aim to remove all barriers to playing.  A kit bag containing bats, stumps and a softer cricket ball are provided, meaning that all people have to do is turn up and play – they don’t need pads, helmets or gloves.

Student leaders will run a series of drop in sessions, where players can try different games such as Pairs Cricket, Continuous Cricket and Indoor 24.  

Ideally, they will then encourage players to form teams and run an intra-mural league, playing whichever format they prefer.  There is also scope to open this to the wider community – especially if the games are being played using University facilities.

The following support can be accessed from ECB and the local County Cricket Board:

Provision of kitbag

Provision of ECB Activator Training

Assistance with promoting to wider community

Identification of further playing opportunities

For more information on developing cricket at your university or for universities outside of England & Wales who would like to discuss alternative opportunities please contact Abi Dean, BUCS Development Manager.

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