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REG 18 - Team & Individual Championship Organisation

These Regulations are intended to cover the organisation of the Team and Individual Championships.


REG 18.1   The Company reserves the right to administer its Championships in the manner considered by the CEO to be most expedient.


REG 18.2   Where appropriate a local sub-committee shall be set up to conduct the preparations for the staging of a BUCS Championship event or final.


REG 18.3   Where a University agrees to undertake the organisation of a BUCS Championship event or final, it shall be required to submit a detailed scheme of the proposed arrangements to the BUCS office.


REG 18.4   48 hours notice of cancellation of a BUCS event should be given to participating Universities, to officials, and to the BUCS office by the host University.


REG 18.5   Whenever possible, in case of inclement weather e.g. ground conditions, 24 hours notice of cancellation should be given to participating Universities, to officials and to the BUCS office by the host University


REG 18.6   BUCS shall be represented on all Championship Sub-Committees by one of its Officers, or by an appointed representative.


REG 18.7   Representatives of local Governing Bodies or technical experts shall be co-opted to local sub-committees with the consent of the BUCS CEO.


REG 18.8   On the days when competition is in progress all members of the sub-committee who are actively participating shall be relieved of organising responsibility. When it is necessary for a draw to be made for play-offs, byes, heats or lanes, this shall be done by a BUCS Official in conjunction with the local county or area association of the Governing Body of the sport concerned.


REG 18.9    Finance


REG 18.9.1 The organising sub-committee shall furnish a complete account of the income and expenditure for the Championship, within 28 days of the event.


REG 18.9.2 Whenever conditions permit, a ‘gate’ shall be taken at all Championships, the proceeds of which shall be entered into the relevant BUCS sports account.


REG 18.9.3 BUCS will not be responsible for reimbursing any expenses incurred by a University or by a University (Athletic) Union, or any one of its constituent clubs in the  cancellation of any BUCS event.


REG 18.10 Officials


REG 18.10.1 The chief officials for all Championships shall be officials qualified according to the rules of the Governing Body of the sport concerned.


REG 18.10.2   Other competent officials may be appointed by BUCS, or its representatives.


REG 18.10.3   BUCS reserves the right to appoint a Tournament Director for all Championships.


REG 18.10.4 BUCS will support the appointment of neutral officials for Championship Semi-Finals in the following sports;


- Hockey

- Football

- Lacrosse

- Netball

- Rugby League

- Rugby Union


Once appointed, BUCS will inform the host institution of the appointment and pass over correspondence to them to liaise directly with the officials on the start times, location and other details. Host institutions will cover officials costs and fees.


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