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REG 11 Match Officials - National, Premier & Conference League Sports

REG 11.1   These regulations apply to all matches undertaken as part of the BUCS League Programme and subsequent knockout rounds. Please also see the ‘Officials’ spreadsheet (Appendix 2) which has neutrality and qualification requirements detailed for each sport.

REG 11.2   It is the responsibility of the home team to arrange all appropriate match officials.


REG 11.3   An institution cannot appeal against a decision made by an official appropriate for the match.


REG 11.4   It is the responsibility of the host institution to ensure that all match officials are aware of the BUCS general and sports specific regulations, especially where these differ from National Governing Body (NGB) regulations.


REG 11.5 Definition of Neutrality: Neutral shall be taken to mean not being a current student, a full or part time member of staff, a member of the team or club* or Athletic Union of the institution concerned, or being closely related to any member of the team. *A member of the club shall be taken to mean any player, coach, elected officer or team official. 


REG 11.6    Internationally Qualified or Governing Body Appointed Officials
Where an official is qualified to officiate to Senior International Level by the appropriate international federation, or has been appointed by an appropriate Governing Body regional or national officials’ appointment board, the neutrality regulation shall not apply.


REG 11.7 Failure to Obtain Officials: Failure to supply the correct officials, as per Appendix 2, may lead to the forfeiture of the affected match, unless there is written notification from the appropriate officials appointments body that they were unable to provide officials, or where officials withdraw from the fixture on the day (written evidence required, refer REG 11.9). Outcomes of appeals in this regard give consideration to the impact of the contravention on a case by case basis.


REG 11.7.1 For all competitions, if notice has been given as per REG 11.7 and the appropriate written evidence provided, then the away team may choose to host the match provided it can supply the correct officials and facilities, and notifies the opposition and the BUCS Office by 11:00am on the last working day before the fixture. In this case the original home team is obliged to travel.


REG 11.7.2 Where the away team chooses not to host and agreement cannot be reached between the institutions for rescheduling, the match shall be replayed at a venue and on a date determined by the BUCS office.


REG 11.8   Failure to Notify Non-Provision of Officials within 48 Hours of Start Time

Any team failing to notify the opposition of the non-provision of appropriate officials 48 hours before the fixture, will forfeit the match and concede a walkover. The only exception to this rule will apply when the home team is let down by an appointed or booked official and can prove in writing that the official was appointed/ booked.  In this case REG 11.9 will apply.


REG 11.9 Non-Provision of Officials on the Scheduled Day of the Fixture: If the away team has arrived at the venue and the home team is let down by an appointed or booked official and can prove in writing that the official was appointed/ booked, the original home team will be obliged to travel to the rescheduled match. 


REG 11.9.1 If the away team has not yet travelled, and the home side notifies them that they have been let down by an official on the day of the fixture (providing written evidence as per REG 11.9) the match shall be rescheduled to be played at the original home team venue.


REG 11.10 Should the two institutions concerned agree in writing beforehand to play with non-neutral, qualified and/or the incorrect number officials (in matches where neutrality of officials is required) the BUCS office will accept the result. Neither team can play under protest or appeal against the result of a match played under these circumstances.


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