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REG 9 Result Entry

 REG 9.1   The results of all league, knockout round matches and notification of postponements must be recorded on the BUCS website no later than 12noon on the first working day following the fixture. Institutions persistently found to be in contravention of REG 9.1 may face disciplinary action.


REG 9.1.1   Process for Amending Incorrectly Entered Results:  In order to amend any incorrectly inputted HOME fixture results, main administrators must submit an amendment request via the BUCScore website. Amendments will not be visible until approved by the BUCS Office. 

REG   For league fixtures other than those affected by the result entry deadline (Reg 9.3.2) there is a two week period within which amendments may be requested. Amendments for league fixtures requested beyond the two week period will incur a £25 administrative charge.

REG   Amending incorrectly entered knock out round results will incur the following administrative charges (payable by the home institution unless otherwise indicated):

 i)       Incorrect score that does not alter the team progressing to the following round £10

ii)      Incorrect score that does alter the team progressing to the following round £25; 

iii)    Amendment requested within 5 working days of the fixture in question £25; 

iv)   Amendment requested beyond 5 working days of the fixture in question, but before the following round £50;

v)     No amendment requested by either team involved in the fixture in question before the following round is completed £50 fine each


REG   Persistent fixture result errors may incur further disciplinary action and/or administrative charges.


REG 9.1.2   Knockout Postponements: postponement notification for all knockout cup matches not entered in accordance with REG 9.1 shall automatically incur a £10 fine per occurrence for which offending institutions will be invoiced. Institutions who have reasonable grounds to be unable to enter the result or notification in accordance with REG 9.1 must make the BUCS Office aware of the circumstances immediately. Administrators should also be aware of REG 15.7 regarding postponement of knockout matches.

REG 9.2   Results of ‘Home’ fixtures should be entered by an appropriate institutional representative of the home team. 


REG 9.3   Institutions are responsible for ensuring that the results of all their matches (home and away) are entered into the BUCS website correctly.


REG 9.3.1  If an institution believes the result of an ‘away’ match has been entered incorrectly, or has been omitted by their opposition, they should contact that institution in the first instance and the BUCS office thereafter. Contact with the BUCS office must be made BEFORE the results submission deadline, as outlined in the ‘BUCS League Dates’ document in Appendix 3.


REG 9.3.2  Result Entry/Amendment Deadline: Athletic Unions will not be able to request additions or amendments to any fixture results after the league deadline has passed. This deadline will be communicated in the ‘BUCS League Dates’ document in Appendix 3.  Following this deadline all BUCS leagues will be locked and no further requests accepted. No further correspondence shall be entered into in this regard by the BUCS office.


REG   Correction of league placement as a result of incorrect or missing results will not be permitted post the result submission deadline, as outlined in ‘BUCS League Dates’ in Appendix 3.


REG 9.4   Institutions are not required to submit results of their home and away matches to the BUCS office other than via BUCScore, unless detailed within the sports specific regulations or specifically requested by the Sport Competition, Compliance and Governance Manager, or other BUCS representative.


REG 9.5   Where a team has forfeited a match it is imperative that the result is entered into the BUCS website as a “walkover” to the appropriate team by the deadline detailed in REG 9.3.2 
Please also note REG 12.9.1.


REG 9.6   Where a competition is organised on a Premier or Conference league basis, three points will be awarded for a win, one point for a draw and no points for a loss (unless sports specific regulations state differently).


REG 9.7   No points will be awarded to either team in the case of a void fixture.


REG 9.8   Where a walkover has been awarded, three points shall be given to the non-offending team and three points deducted from the offending team (unless sports specific regulations state differently).


REG 9.9   When calculating a final league table, a tie on points within that league will be split by the following sequential system (unless sports specific regulations state differently);


REG 9.9.1   A team tied on points in a league who has voluntarily conceded walkovers shall automatically be placed below other tied teams who have conceded fewer voluntary walkovers in the relevant season.

REG 9.9.2   Walkovers deemed involuntary may be disregarded in the above calculations on a case by case basis.

REG 9.9.3   
Where there is a tie between two teams, for whatever position in the league, the result between the teams will be the determining factor in placing one team above the other. Where fixtures are played on a home and away basis, the aggregate score of the two matches (or more) will determine the higher placed team.

REG 9.9.4   
Where a tie on points has been effected by a walkover or a void fixture, all the relevant results against the team which conceded the walkover or the team involved in the void fixture (i.e. all the results between the teams tied on points and the team(s) conceding the walkover(s)/void match) will be removed from the results table and the re-calculated goal/set/point/rubber (dependent on the sport) difference shall be used to determine the higher placed team.

REG 9.9.5  Where more than two teams are tied on points, a table shall be formed to calculate the higher placed team from the results between the relevant teams.

REG 9.9.6   
Goal/Set/Point/Rubber difference as applicable to each sport (Games in Golf) across the whole league, or in the mini league if REG 9.9.5 applies.

REG 9.9.7   
The higher number of Goals/Sets/Points/Rubber scored (Games in Golf) across the whole league, or in the mini league if REG 9.9.5 applies.

REG 9.9.8   
In the sports of Badminton, Squash, Table Tennis and Tennis, where the higher placed team cannot be determined by points REG 9.9.1 to REG 9.9.7 above, then the team with the higher ‘games’ difference (not rubbers/matches) or equivalent shall be deemed the higher placed team. As per sports specific regulations for basketball, badminton, squash, table tennis and tennis, institutions will be responsible for supplying full records of all matches in these sports on official Governing Body scorecards, if requested by the BUCS office.

REG 9.9.9   
If the higher placed team cannot be determined from the system above, then this shall be determined by the toss of a coin in the BUCS office.


REG 9.10   Cricket: REG 9.9 and subsections do not apply to outdoor or indoor cricket. League finishing position for teams tied on points will be determined by overall net run rate (see cricket specific regulations on the BUCS website for net run rate calculation method). 


REG 9.11 Volleyball:  Where teams are tied on points, REG 9.9.1 through to REG 9.9.5 will be followed. If teams are still tied the following will be applied to separate teams (this will be instead of REG 9.9.6 and REG 9.9.7):

-             Set Difference

-             Sets scored

-             Points difference

-             Points scored

Teams should note the requirement to keep score sheets under VOL 5.2 for this purpose.


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