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REG 5 Team Championships - League/Knock Out

 (Conducted as part of the National, Premier and Conference League Programme)

 REG 5.1   The following regulations are applicable to the Team Championships, conducted as part of the National, Premier and Conference League/knock out programme.

REG 5.2 Team Eligibility per Tier: Unless stated otherwise in the sports specific regulations, the following allowance of teams per institution, per tier, per gender, of a particular sport are permitted:


                        REG 5.2.1  National, Premier League and Championship – one team per institution.

REG 5.2.2   Tier One and below (with the exception of the lowest tier) – maximum of 2 teams per institution, regardless of playing conference, unless separate campuses of an institution have previously elected to be regarded as standalone BUCS Playing Entities.


REG 5.2.3   Lowest Tier – 3 teams or 50% of the total teams in a league per institution, whichever is fewer. This applies regardless of playing conference.

REG The lowest tier restriction outlined in REG 5.2.3 is applicable at the point of league finalisation. Should teams withdraw after league finalisation, any teams remaining in the competition which are now in breach of REG 5.2.3 shall be permitted to remain for that season only.


REG 5.3 New Teams: Should sufficient new entries be received to require the creation of an additional tier of competition, a random draw shall be conducted by the BUCS Office to establish into which tier of competition (previous or new lowest) teams will be placed. All new teams will be placed in the lowest tier.

REG 5.4 Competition Requirements: Should a team be unable to meet the requirements of competition, resulting in hindering the completion of required fixtures, they may be automatically withdrawn and/or restricted from entering from the current and future seasons.


REG 5.4.1 A withdrawal or restriction may be reconsidered if an alternative arrangement can be made, which is acceptable to other affected teams, and is agreed in good time.


REG 5.4.2 Competition requirements under REG 5.4 relates to facilities/hosting, essential travel, officials requirements, etc and any other requirement considered pertinent to the completion of fixtures.

REG 5.5   BUCS and the relevant NGBs reserve the right to make final decisions on the structures of all competitions, based on the geographical location of the teams eligible to compete at that level.

REG 5.5.1 In any event or competition which is run in a progression format, if two teams or individuals from the same institution are drawn against each other in the first round, they may be re-drawn. Re-draws will be at the discretion of the BUCS office and/or Tournament Director and may not always be possible. This regulation will apply to events covered by REG 4. 


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