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REG 3 Finance & Governance

  *Regulations subject to change; currently being updated for 2018-19 season*

REG 3.1    Annual Subscription (Membership Affiliation Fee / Playing Entity Fee)

The Annual Subscription must be paid by 1 October annually.  Failure by any institution to pay its annual subscription shall result in suspension of that institution from membership


REG 3.1.1 Full Members will be charged a fee calculated in part per capita and part participation

                                Associate Members will be charged a £50 annual fee  

                                Playing Entities will be charged a £500 annual fee


REG 3.2 Entry Fees


REG 3.2.1 Overall Team Entry Fees: These are the main set of entries BUCS Team Events made en-bloc via BUCScore in late spring/early summer for the following season. Team entries for the following season must be received via BUCScore by the date set by the BUCS office.


REG Team entry fees are payable by 1 October of that year.


REG 3.2.2 Should an institution withdraw a team/individual from a BUCS competition after the relevant entry closing date, they will not be eligible to receive an entry fee refund.


REG 3.2.3 Institutions that submit multiple (3 or more) late team entries will be subject to an administration charge which will be based on the number of teams entered after the deadline.  3 – 10 late team entries will incur an administration charge of £50.  10 or more late team entries will incur an administration charge of £100.    


REG 3.2.4   Individual Events:  Stage 2 entries which are accepted will be subject to an additional 20% fee.

This administration fee will be added to an institution’s invoice for each applicable event, and the fee will be as detailed in the relevant event entry information.


REG 3.2.5 Other Entry Fees: Entries for individual events and other one off team events not covered by the Overall Team Entries will be charged as the events close / take place through the year.


REG 3.3 Payment & Debts  


REG 3.3.1 Payments should be made by BACS to BUCS: A/c number 23210293 - Sort code 16 00 15


REG All payments must be accompanied by remittance advice within 5 working days of the payment being made. BUCS may issue a £10 levy where a remittance has not been submitted and the funds cannot be allocated against the relevant invoices on their account.


REG Payments made by cheque will incur a £25 administration charge. Administration charges will be issued per cheque.


REG 3.3.2 CEO may temporarily suspend from participation in all BUCS activities any member institution which has not paid the annual subscription (REG 3.1) or the team entry fee (REG 3.2) as of the 1st October. Payments received after this date will be subject to a 5% fine. Any member institution that remains suspended on the first day of the league programme will be unable to play in any BUCS Competitions.


REG 3.3.3 All BUCS entry fees and other participation costs in BUCS activities should be paid for online or will be invoiced via BUCScore or centrally via the BUCS office. The options/methods available for payment, are dependent upon the activity concerned.


REG 3.3.4 Credit: BUCS will offer a credit facility to members and playing entities for some activities. These activities will be invoiced via their account with us and must be paid within 30 days. Any activity where credit is not offered will not be invoiced and will require immediate payment as indicated on the instructions of the relevant activity.


REG 3.3.5 All invoices should be paid within 30 days of issue and failure to pay an invoice within 30 days may lead to the CEO suspending the institution concerned until their debt has been settled. During this time an institution may not participate in any of BUCS’ activities or make entries into future events until the suspension is lifted.


REG 3.3.6 Purchase Orders (POs) must be submitted in advance of the charges being made and invoices raised. A £10 admin charge will apply per invoice should an invoice need to be reissued with a PO included not supplied before the invoice was raised.


REG 3.3.7 Late Payment Fines & Costs - BUCS may apply an administration fee for the issue of duplicate invoices after the issue of one free copy invoice. BUCS may also apply a 5% fine where an invoice is over 60 days and a further 10% fine where an invoice is 120 days+ late.


REG 3.3.8 Any additional work that is requested or where additional work is created due to an institution not meeting a given deadline which creates additional work for the BUCS office, may be liable to an administration fee being levied, at the discretion of the CEO.


REG 3.3.9 International: Following their commitment to the Team Member’s Agreement, any individual (student or otherwise) owing monies to BUCS from their involvement in the international programmes may be excluded from participation in all BUCS’ activities, at the discretion of BUCS, until the debt is settled or a repayment plan agreed.


REG 3.4 Disciplinary Fines


REG 3.4.1 Where an institution is subject to or incurs a financial penalty in relation to disciplinary proceedings, that institution will pay the said penalty within 30 days of the date of issue. Please refer to the Sanctions Guidelines in Appendix 9.


REG 3.4.2 Institutions failing to comply with REG 3.4.1 shall be charged an additional administration fee of 10% of the original sum.


REG 3.4.3 Should an institution fail to pay the full invoice total, including administration fee, they may be liable to suspension by the CEO from all BUCS Competition pending subsequent receipt of payment and written confirmation of reinstatement. 


REG 3.5 Expense Claims


REG 3.5.1 Travel and subsistence for The Board, Executive Group members, Technical Representatives, and others acting on behalf of BUCS, shall be submitted only on the current Expenses Claim Form.


REG 3.5.2 Amounts claimed must be within the limits set out on the form and must be accompanied by the appropriate receipts of expenditure.


REG 3.5.3 Claims MUST be made within 28 days of the conclusion of the event / the expense being incurred. Failure to do so may lead to the claim being rejected. 


REG 3.6 Trophy Presentation Policy 

All trophies awarded for BUCS competition, other than league winner’s plaques, remain the property of BUCS. Unless specifically indicated, all trophies must be returned to a BUCS representative immediately following the conclusion of any presentation (with allowance for photographs).


REG 3.6.1 Any institution found to have vacated a playing venue with a BUCS trophy in their possession, without permission, will be issued an automatic fine of £300 and may face further disciplinary action. Furthermore, should the trophy not be returned, or is damaged, the responsible institution shall incur the cost of repair/replacement. Please be advised many of the historical trophies currently in use have a value in excess of £4000.



REG 3.6.2   Institutions contravening REG 3.6 will also be responsible for any costs incurred in the return of said trophies, including appropriate insurance cover.


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