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REG 2 BUCS Membership

*Regulations subject to change; currently being updated for 2018-19 season*

 REG 2.1 To be a BUCS Member
In accordance with the articles of association [MA1] and British Company Law, an organisation applying to become or to remain as a Member of the Company (BUCS) must fulfil the following:

- Be a registered Legal Entity
- Be a recognised provider of Higher Education (HE) 

REG 2.2 Member Representatives
Members must appoint two member representatives one should be a student or a member of the Member institution’s Students’ Union or Athletic Union. Member representatives must be named annually by the 1st of October, failure to do so will lead to suspension of the member until the Representatives are declared.

REG 2.3 Applying to become a Member
The application process to become a new member will require a membership consultation with relevant BUCS staff and the completion of a membership application form. Once all requirements of membership are met, the new member will be voted in by an existing member vote at the next AGM. Where an application is made mid-season the new member will be provisionally approved by BUCS Board pending a formal vote at the next AGM.

REG 2.4 Member Guidelines for Participation 
Any institution which applies for membership of the company in order to participate in the sports programme must comply with the following:

REG 2.4.1 Members demonstrate that they have access to suitable facilities for the competitions which they have entered, where they need to host fixtures.

REG 2.4.2 Members have a central point of contact for BUCS to contact and with whom fixture arrangements can be discussed.

REG 2.4.3 The point of contact be available daily between the hours of 10.00 and 16.00.

REG 2.5 How Members Participate in BUCS Competition
Once an institution becomes a BUCS member, definition must be established on how the member is to function within BUCS competitions, the definition is regarded as a members ‘Playing Entity’ (PE) or ‘Entities’. In general all current members of BUCS function as either a single or a combination of 5 ‘Playing Models’. Each model has implications regarding individual players’ entitlements, BUCS points, AGM voting rights, fees, etcetera. Requests for changes to PEs must be submitted to the BUCS office prior to team entries being opened for the following season.

Playing models and implications:

1. Main Campus of a BUCS Member playing as one entity
2. FE College offering HE qualifications provided by another external awarding body
3. Satellite Campus, plays as a separate entity from the ‘main campus’ or other campuses of the same institution.
4. All eligible students of a member playing as one entity regardless of geographical spread/campuses, etc (similar to 1. Main Campus)
5. Umbrella Campus/Organisation which is comprised of students from multiple HE awarding bodies.

REG 2.6 Member Contacts
Members are responsible for keeping their contact details and member representative details up to date via the relevant forms available on the BUCS website in the member section. Members are also required to ensure their details are up to date on relevant BUCScore Admin accounts. BUCS cannot be held responsible where an institution has failed to keep their details up to date.



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