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BUCS Rowing Strategy

Click on the link below to view the BUCS Rowing strategy. The strategy focuses on the three main strategic goals of BUCS; improving and increasing Participation, Competition and Performance.

These strategies are in draft format and are published for a consultation period until 23 September 2011 to gather opinion from the BUCS membership before opinion is collated and they are implemented into the sport.

We would find great value in gaining feedback from every institution. However, to ensure that all opinions and suggestions are collated and communicated in an efficient and structured manner, each institution may only send in one piece of feedback. Individual club captains, participants and members are more than welcome to have clear input into this feedback, however it must be collected into one clear, concise document and may only be sent from a member of the athletic union or director of sport, with the title “(University Name) Rowing Strategy Feedback.


The BUCS Rowing strategy feedback should be sent to

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