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BUCS Canoe

Canoe Slalom Championships

BUCS Canoe Slalom Championships - Event Information 


TBC for 2017-18 season

TBC for 2017-18 season

TBC for 2017-18 season

Entry Opening Date
TBC for 2017-18 season

Entry Closing Date
TBC for 2017-18 season

Entry Costs
TBC for 2017-18 season  

Entry Information 
Please see downloads on right of page for entry information

Please note: an email address is required to enable an individual to be entered effectively within BUCScore as the system uses email addresses as unique identifiers. The email address used for each entrant must be unique to maintain validity of their entry. Changing or duplicating an email address used for an entrant may results in the entry being overwritten and therefore, withdrawn. 

IMPORTANT REMINDERS: Clubs bringing more than 12 paddlers are expected to supply at least one safety personnel to assist with general course safety. A copy of their qualifications (WWSR/Rescue 3 Technician or equivalent) should be emailed to or prior to the  competition.

Additionally, ALL competitors MUST complete the following paperwork for TBIWWC or they will not be allowed to compete:

Tees Barrage IWWC Medical Consent Form

Tees Barrage IWWC Risk Declaration Form

These forms MUST be e-mailed to .

Pre-event Information
Please see the download section on the right of this page for pre-event information including entry lists. 

Rules and Regulations
Please click here to read the BUCS Canoeing Rules and Regulations which should be read in conjunction with the entry and pre-event information  

Please see downloads on the right of this page for results 

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31 August 2017 

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