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BUCS Endorsed

Event Overview

BUCS Endorsed is a scheme which provides opportunities for institutions to participate in events which BUCS have agreed with an external organising body, such as British Rowing.

British Rowing and BUCS (small)

The aim of BUCS Endorsed events is to encourage participation within the sport. Endorsed events cannot offer BUCS points, medals or trophies, but do provide a platform for further experience in a competitive environment ahead of BUCS events.

BUCS are looking for university rowing clubs who are interested in organising an event which could be endorsed by BUCS. In order to be endorsed these events must be led by students within a university rowing club and will provide members with a chance to learn and develop skills in event management and sports administration. Additionally, a university rowing club may also use the opportunity to host an endorsed event as a potential fundraiser.

Each host rowing club is mentored by a volunteer from the rowing community. The mentor provides assistance to ensure the event is delivered safely and run with the support of qualified officials. Interested university rowing clubs should contact the Project Officer for Competitions at British Rowing for more information.

Current BUCS Endorsed rowing events

University of Liverpool
Sunday 29 October 2017

University of Lincoln
Sunday 26 November 2017

University of Bristol
Saturday 2 December 2017

University of York Boat Club: White Rose Head
Saturday 2 December 2017

University of Worcester Rowing Club: Head of the Severn
Sunday 4 February 2018

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