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Coventry in Focus: Achievements 04/11/2015

In 2014/15 we placed 38th in the university tables for BUCS; this ranking is 18 places higher than where we finished in 13/14 and an incredible 35 places higher than where we finished in 09/10. In five short years, we have managed to half our BUCS ranking.

There have been a number of factors to our success. We have had some exceptional individual performances in 2014-15 from boxing, archery, athletics, karate and judo – cumulatively winning 12 gold medals! Our success didn’t stop there as we also won silver and bronze medals in athletics, archery, boxing, ju jitsu, karate, rifle and snow sports. Our boxing programme alone, increased their BUCS points ten-fold (8-77) in one season, while athletics increased their points markedly as well (27 to 62) and archery doubled their points (14-28).

Our men’s cricket team became Indoor Champions, defeating every team in the UK for the title. Meanwhile our women's tennis team finished as runners up in Midlands 2B but won the Midlands Conference Cup. Not to be outdone, men's basketball  and men’s rugby union did the double by winning their respective leagues as well as both Cups.

Men’s table tennis also reached the cup finals, and women’s volleyball, men’s basketball 2s and rugby league also won their respective leagues – with 4 out of the 5 gaining promotion into higher divisions for this season!

In 2014-15, we widened our sport programme to include women’s volleyball, men’s lacrosse, women’s futsal and men’s table tennis for the first time. In 2015-2016, fencing and golf will also rise to the challenge and make their BUCS debut. To hear more about our teams and their aims for the season, watch below…


Be sure to follow @SportCoventry and @CUSU on Twitter to see updates from the Coventry BUCS teams and keep track of their progress. 
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