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Gabriel Cange
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From Sheffield to LA – BUCS Nationals Swimmer Gabriel Cange has won the holiday of a lifetime thanks to BUCS partners Camp America. 31/05/2019

This is not a normal week for Anglia Ruskin’s Gabriel Cange. The Sports Coaching and Physical Education student received a call that has transformed his summer thanks to BUCS partners Camp America. 

Gabriel, a 20 year old Romanian swimming scholar competed in his second BUCS Nationals in February 2019, achieving his best results at the competition. Gabriel represented Anglia Ruskin in the largest annual multi-sport event in the UK, competing across the weekend in 50m Freestyle, 50m Breastroke, 200m Freestyle and the 400m Freestyle relay. Not only did he and his team perform well in the pool, but his performance outside the pool was pretty spectacular as well. 

Between the breaks in competing, Gabriel found himself speaking to supporting partners Camp America. A strong swimmer, he was keen to find out more about the opportunities to spend a summer as a lifeguard in one of the Camp America’s hundreds of camps across the US. Gabriel, like hundreds of swimmers at the event entered The BUCS & Camp America Ultimate Giveaway Competition. 

This week, Gabriel was delighted to receive a call from Camp America’s Emma Burns, confirming not only had he won the chance to spend a free summer qualifying as a lifeguard in one of the best camps in the US, but Gabriel also won a free holiday at the end of his summer.


Gabriel will jet off to sunny Los Angeles once finishing his final exams in June, spending eight weeks coaching swimming and working as a lifeguard before heading off on his adventure. Gabriel will be taking a 10 day trek from Los Angeles to San Francisco as part of winning the competition. 

When asked about winning this amazing prize, Gabriel stated “I’m so excited by winning this prize, I can’t believe it. I have never won a prize like this in my life. I’d like to say a massive thanks to BUCS and Camp America for this opportunity. I can’t wait to get out there!”


From everyone at BUCS and Camp America, have a great time Gabriel and see you at BUCS Nationals 2020!

If you are interested in finding out more opportunities between the BUCS and Camp America partnership, click here.

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