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BUCS Sport Review - Cycle 1 - Provisional Leagues for 2019-20 01/04/2019

Following the announcement on Friday 22 March 2019, which detailed the mechanisms selected for creating the new Premier Leagues (Women’s Table Tennis and Women’s Lacrosse) and National Leagues (Men’s and ICG Women’s Hockey and Women’s Rugby Union), the provisional league structures have now been built.

We now invite members to review the provisional leagues and provide feedback by Friday 12 April 2019. In particular it is requested that institutions inform BUCS if they wish to decline the promotion that may have been applied to them as a result of this process (please see below for further details).

The provisional leagues and further detail relating the mechanisms utilised for each sport, can be downloaded via the link here. This information includes:

- The confirmed finishing positions of teams within all impacted leagues for the 2018-19 season.

- The selection mechanism applied to each eligible team and the selection process for promotion/relegation between existing tiers.

- How team performance within the mechanism was quantified and a summary of the outcomes.

- Provisional league structures for all of the sports for the 2019-20 season, based on the application of the selected mechanisms.

Please note, that these leagues are provisional as they are subject to both membership feedback and team entries for 2019-20.

Deadline for teams to decline automatic promotion:

Institutions have the opportunity to decline any automatic promotion that may have been applied to their teams; in the case of Women’s Lacrosse, those teams locked to North A/South A will also have the opportunity to request relegation from that league (into North B/South B). Requests to decline promotion must be sent to by Friday 12 April 2019.

Following this deadline, BUCS will then assess all requests and offer any available places to other institutions. Please note, available slots will be offered to teams based on the original selection mechanism used; i.e. for Hockey, Rugby Union and Table Tennis this will be based on the ranking exercise done to originally select the teams.

Once BUCS has received feedback, and spoken to any institutions who may now be offered a slot as a result of that feedback, we will re-publish the provisional leagues ahead of team entries opening on Wednesday 17 April 2019. Please note, if you do not contact BUCS prior to league entries opening, and enter a team during the league entry window, BUCS will automatically assume that you have accepted the automatic promotion that has been applied to your team.

Implementation Timeline:

Below is a summary of the key dates that will guide the ongoing implementation process: 



12 April

Deadline for teams to decline promotion

16 April

Publication of provisional leagues post feedback from institutions

17 April

Team entries open


New National League Meetings – to facilitate further consultation on National League specific feedback from membership the consultation phase. Save the date invitations will be sent directly to institutions by Monday 8 April 2019.


Confirmation of National League specific regulations


Confirmation of related knockout competitions for 2019-20

Should you require any more information or have any questions then please contact Andy Gilvary, BUCS National Competitions Manager.

For Hockey specific queries, please contact Alicia Lauckner, BUCS Hockey Development Manager.


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