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Centenary 2019
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BUCS Launches Celebrations for 100 Years of British University Sport 10/01/2019

With 2019 marking the Centenary of British University Sport, BUCS in partnership with members of the ‘founding 10’, have planned the following across the year to celebrate

Centenary Logo

As shown above, to commemorate 100 years of British University Sport, BUCS have created a centenary logo to compliment the overall visual identity of BUCS. The logo features the number 100 with three lines running through the logo to represent the track lanes, inspired by the first athletics meet in 1919. To download the logo, please click here.

Hall of Fame

BUCS are launching a Hall of Fame to celebrate and acknowledge the outstanding achievements of student athletes and supporting staff over the past 100 years. The nominations will open at the Centenary dinner, hosted by the University of Sheffield on February 15, the first evening of BUCS Nationals. Nominations close at the end of April. Please keep an eye out for the nominations form which will be linked below on February 15th.

100 Stories of University Sport

Alongside the Hall of Fame, BUCS will be profiling ‘100 People of British University Sport'. These profiles will include a mix of athletes, coaches and supporting staff over the past 100 years who have left their mark on University sport. These profiles will be documented across BUCS communications and social media platforms. Given the vast number of athletes, coaches and supporting staff that have been involved with University sport over the past 100 years, BUCS are open to hearing any extraordinary stories from our membership that they feel deserves to be heard.  To find out more on the submission process, please click here.

If you have any images or files you would like to share with us to compliment your submission, please email them to

The University of Sheffield Centenary Dinner

As a member of the founding 10, the University of Sheffield are holding a Centenary dinner on Friday 15 February, to celebrate 100 years of British University sport. At this event, the BUCS Hall of Fame will be launched and nominations will open. If you would like to attend, please click here to book your tickets.

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