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BUCS AGM & Winter Seminar 06/12/2018

The BUCS AGM and Winter Seminar 2018 took place at The Venue at De Montfort University on Tuesday 04 December 2018. The event was supported by BUCS partners Technogym and Outgoing

The event was held for staff members and student representatives at BUCS member institutions. Winter Seminar content was delivered alongside the formal BUCS AGM, with relevant BUCS updates and a number of different sessions and keynote speakers providing learning and development opportunities for members.

Papers and content can be found here and included:

BUCS Sport Review

BUCS International Review

BUCS Inclusion Strategy

Plus expert keynote speakers from within the sporting sector and further afield.

For information regarding the formal BUCS AGM, please click here.

BUCS was delighted to welcome John Farnworth and Simon Cohen as a keynote speakers at Winter Seminar.

John shared his journey with delegates, highlighting the challenges he has faced and the impact that he has across the various projects and initiatives that he has undertaken – inspiring, amazing and engaging the university sector in his stories. For more information about John you can visit his website.

Simon took part in a facilitated Q & A, providing an insight into his knowledge and expertise of the club environment within the world of professional rugby. Simon discussed topics including organisational leadership, commercial investment, people management, business management in the world of performance and the future direction of professional rugby within the wider sporting landscape.


BUCS AGM & Winter Seminar was brought to you in conjunction with BUCS Partners Technogym and Outgoing. They were delighted to catch up with friends across the membership and have some meaningful conversations with new members. If you want to find out how they can support your institution or follow up on any conversations on the day, please contact them below.

Ben Sandham
+44 (0)7557 804 409
Area and Key Account Manager

Ian Boulger
+44 (0)8443 264 264
Managing Director


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