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#BUCSsurf: Day two round-up
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BUCS Surf Championships 2018 10/10/2018

BUCS Surf - Final Results

Men's Individuals: 

1st: Tomos Hawkins-Meopham -Falmouth & Exeter University
2nd: Erik Garcia - University of Manchester
3rd: Nathaniel James - Swansea University
4th: Gus Brewer - University of Exeter

Women's Individuals:

1st: Emily Williams - Swansea University 
2nd: Flora Lawton - University of Bristol
3rd: Jaide Lowe - University of Plymouth
4th: Lani Ashford - University of Plymouth

Men's Team:

1st: Swansea University 
2nd: Falmouth & Exeter University
3rd: University of Manchester

Women's Team:

1st: University of Plymouth
2nd: University of Bristol
3rd: University of Edinburgh

Full results will be posted on the BUCS website tomorrow. 

Thank you to all those who competed, volunteered and supported the event. Travel home safely and see you at #BUCSSurf 2019.

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