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Being active #DoesYouGood - BUCS and The Pulse Group launch national campaign to get more students active, more often 26/09/2018

In a join initiative between BUCS and and The Pulse Group, a new national marketing campaign has been developed for Higher Education institutions, to educate, inspire and enable all students to be more active, more often, whilst they study.

The benefits of physical activity are wide-ranging. As evidenced in the recent British Active Student Survey findings, students who are active perform better, are more employable and enjoy better mental wellbeing. 

Yet every student can find a reason to not be active and follow a healthier lifestyle. Not enough time. Not enough money. Not enough options.

The campaign is not about telling students to necessarily join a sports team, the gym or sign up to a fun run. It’s about finding balance – and reinforcing the benefits to the already active, and then persuasively and compellingly to the currently inactive.

“Student life is better when you live active”

In consultation with the Physical Activity and Health Board and the BUCS membership, over the past 18 months The Pulse Group have researched, designed and delivered this creative Physical Activity marketing campaign to engage with students.

BUCS member institutions now have access to a comprehensive toolkit of print and digital resources that can be rolled out across campuses. Different messaging is available to target students in different faculties and study areas – and remains flexible for institutions to customize for their students.

Does You Good Toolkit Pulse  Does You Good Toolkit Pulse 

How can institutions become involved?

BUCS member institutions have the following options to become involved:

1. Access to stock campaign files, hi-res assets ready for print and use on digital channels

2. Access to adobe artwork files, for institutions to tailor the assets to their needs (eg: with own imagery and calls to action)

3. Access to the Pulse marketing team, who can customize the assets for you for a small fee

For option 3, costs include:

- Generic campaign assets package £450+VAT and would consist of: 100x A4 posters, 100 xA3 posters, 2 x Pop up banners, 5,000 A5 leaflets and all digital assets

- Each subject specific campaign would be £350+VAT each and would consist of: 25x A3 posters, 25 x A4 posters, 1 pop-up banner, 1,000 x A5 leaflet and all digital assets

Visit the #DoesYouGo page and fill out an expression of interest form for your institution. You will then be emailed the resources.

When does the campaign start?

BUCS is encouraging members to roll this out on their campuses during week 5 of semester. Is it indicatively known, that the highest rate of student drop-out occurs during week 5 of semester. BUCS also encourages institutions to further push the campaign out January and then May time during exams, to target further times when drop out of sport and physical activity is high, and stress is high.

For more information

For more information on #DoesYouGo Campaign the Physical Activity and Health Portal

For more information on how your institution can partner with Pulse visit their website


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