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BUCS sign 5 year partnership with Outgoing 07/09/2018

BUCS are delighted to sign a 5 year partnership with Outgoing, one of the UK's leading student tour operators. 

Established 20 years ago, Outgoing have worked with a number of institutions across the higher education sector in this time, running trips for Students’ Unions, Sports teams, AU’s, Societies, RAG’s, Courses, Halls of Residents and many more. 
Outgoing are Travel, Events and Festival specialists with an emphasis on City, Sport and Surf travel. Outgoing had previously been a supporting sponsor of BUCS Conference for eleven years and have ran packages at the BUCS Surf Championships in Newquay for 10 years. Outgoing have also worked alongside BUCS on the Rugby Finals at Twickenham and BUCS Downhill Mountain Bike Championships.

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This new partnership will see Outgoing attend several BUCS events across the next five years including, BUCS Surf Championships, BUCS Nationals, BUCS Big Wednesday, BUCS Conference, BUCS AGM, BUCS Rugby 7s Championships and Trophy Competitions.

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Vince Mayne - BUCS Chief Executive:

“We are delighted to form an official partnership with Outgoing. We believe they are the best in the business at providing students with affordable, fun and safe travel opportunities. We know students work incredibly hard academically and play hard on the sports field. We also know students all over the UK create some of their greatest memories through playing sport with their team mates – often around the globe! We have no doubts Outgoing provide a high quality student experience on their trips and trust them to ensure students are creating their best memories in a safe environment. We are looking forward to many years of partnership with Outgoing.”

Ian Boulger - Outgoing Managing Director: 

"Outgoing are delighted to have secured a partnership with BUCS in a five year deal and we are very excited to start work on a number of projects together. Having been involved with BUCS for the past 10 years we have seen the organisation go from strength to strength and we look forward to BUCS growing along with ourselves during our partnership. At Outgoing, we feel that sports in Higher Education is such a vital part of the University experience, whether that be at the elite level or participation level. Sport helps to shape lives, build friendships and breaks down barriers as I and my staff can testify being BUCS alumni and we are very proud to carry the relationship forward between our two organisations."

More information on the partnership can be found here. 

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