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BUCS Statement re: BUCS Dryslope Championships 07/11/2016

The BUCS Dryslope Championships took place at Hillend, Edinburgh on the weekend of 4-6 November and throughout the weekend there were a number of incidents which raised serious concern for the wellbeing of some attendees.

The conduct of a number of spectators and skiing clubs at the event resulted in numerous ejections and BUCS is currently in the process of a number of disciplinary procedures, working with Athletic Unions to proceed with these. Regrettably, a large percentage of these incidents were drug and alcohol related and without the experienced conduct and professionalism of security teams and event staff, the outcomes could have been significantly worse. BUCS is conducting a review of this event and the portfolio of snowsports events and will provide further communication once this has been completed.

Following these unfortunate and serious incidents it was decided that this year’s Prize Giving event would be cancelled due to the nature and theme of decorations at the prize giving venue, which BUCS were not made aware of until very late and considered it wholly inappropriate. BUCS works in partnership with a 3rd party who are responsible for organising the social events held alongside the competitions and a review of this will also be conducted.

BUCS is a national governing body for sport and has a zero tolerance policy on substance abuse in and around sport.

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