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BUCS statement: American Football entry in World University Championships 2016 04/02/2016

BUCS has become aware of a statement made today by BAFA, without our prior knowledge and a subsequent statement by Wayne Hill, a member of BAFA programme staff. 

Below is a summary of the criteria for entering teams into World University Championships (WUCs) and an outline of communications with BAFA re: team selections. It is hoped that this statement offers some clarity on the issues contained therein.

National Governing Bodies of sport (such as BAFA), do not enter teams into FISU World University Championships. Under FISU’s competition guidelines, teams must be selected, entered and managed by the university sport governing body in that particular nation (in this case BUCS). In every instance of selecting and putting together a team for a WUC, BUCS works with NGBs to select athletes and support staff, aligned with the overall objectives of the BUCS international programme. It is therefore incorrect in this instance to suggest that BUCS has refused to enter a BAFA team, as teams entered into FISU events must be BUCS teams.

Discussions regarding a potential entry for 2014 WUC were concluded in September 2013, and at this juncture BUCS provided BAFA with a full explanation and rationale. It has been and remains our stated and demonstrable intention to maintain a dialogue with BAFA towards future FISU entries.

However, no contact was received from BAFA to the BUCS International Department between September 2013 and December 2015 regarding the 2016 event and BUCS' position remains unchanged. When BAFA approached BUCS in December 2015, and again in January and February 2016, BUCS has once more clearly stated the situation and rationale to BAFA. Further to this, at no stage from 2012 – 2016 has financial viability of a GB entry ever been established in discussions with BAFA.

It is extremely regrettable that BAFA has seemingly allowed a group of student athletes to believe and hope that they were working towards entry to the World University Championships, when this has never been the case. BUCS has never made any suggestion or commitment that an entry would occur.

BUCS will continue to work with BAFA towards future opportunities.



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