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Birmingham Volunteer Profile: Kingstun Nelson 26/01/2016

Kingstun Nelson, a first year Sport and Exercise Science student has increased the profile of basketball at all levels at the University of Birmingham through his volunteering placement with the Basketball Foundation. 

The placement started in October 2015 and Kingstun made an action plan with the ultimate goal of increasing participation in basketball across campus. His plan included implementing an intra-mural basketball league, running one-off sessions and tournaments for people of all abilities to get involved and play affordably. 

In January 2016, Kingstun hosted his first 3-a-side basketball tournament at the University of Birmingham School which attracted more than 50 student participants. The winners of the tournament were given tickets to the BBL Cup Final at the Barclaycard Arena.

‘When I was looking at universities, I went along to a basketball match in Birmingham at the Barclaycard Arena and I knew Birmingham was the place I wanted to be. I would have never imagined I would be working at that same event a year later.’

Kingstun has also made an effort to enhance participation of ethnic minorities in his basketball sessions by joining with societies such as the Afro-Caribbean society.

As part of the funding he received from the Basketball Foundation, Kingstun has to ensure the sustainability of the projects he is putting in place. He has done this by offering courses to the leaders of sessions such as coaching qualifications, refereeing and marketing courses. These qualifications have been undertaken by volunteers from the basketball club and also volunteers who have been recruited by Kingstun for his new sessions.

The influence of Kingstun’s sessions have been huge on campus. Previously, whilst at school, he worked with vulnerable children in the community to engage them in basketball. This included hosting a two week community games event in the summer holidays.

‘I wanted to continue my involvement in coaching and participation at University and I used the volunteering scheme to find a perfect placement with Basketball Foundation. The amount of skills I have learned this year has been great, I’ve now got event planning, recruitment and marketing experience. I want to be self-employed in the future and these skills will really help me.’ 

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