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Varsity 2016 09/12/2015

Of the university rivalries in the UK you’d be hard pushed to find one between two closer institutions. Brighton and Sussex universities are literally a stone’s throw away from each other with just a dual carriageway dividing the two. 

As a result the sporting rivalry has naturally always occurred and in 1998 this was formalised into what is now known as the Brighton and Sussex Varsity Day. The 2016 Varsity takes place on Sunday 13th March where Brighton will host ties between the two universities across approximately 20 sports. Each fixture win is worth one point with the university taking the most points over the day becoming the Varsity champions for another year. Traditionally Brighton has been the front runner having only lost four times in its history. The records will however show that these losses have increased in frequency and scores have become closer. This year is set to be another close affair. 

In terms of BUCS fixtures this week Brighton are facing Sussex in two fixtures and these will be ones to watch as each team will try to win the psychological advantage for when they meet again in March. These fixtures are:

University of Brighton Men’s Football 2nd v Sussex Men’s Football 1st 

Sussex Women’s Hockey 2nd  v University of Brighton Women’s Hockey 2nd 

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