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Meet Georgia and Summer - Superleague Scholars! 17/11/2015

A hard fought 47-49 victory over Cardiff Metropolitan University on away turf last week means Brunel Netball Club are sitting pretty in second place in the BUCS Premier South. The team in first is Hertfordshire, topping the table with just 3 points more than Brunel. 

The importance of this week’s fixture is there for all to see; Hertfordshire visit Brunel, with Brunel knowing that a victory will take them level on points with the league leaders, a defeat on the other hand will mean that the gap widens to 6 points.

Ahead of the biggest of BUCS Wednesday’s, we caught up with two of Brunel’s netball scholars, Georgia Lees (Surrey Storm) and Summer Artman (Hertfordshire Mavericks) to see how they were feeling and how they have enjoyed the season so far:

1.         What has been your greatest sporting achievement?

Georgia: Getting my first cap for England as an Under 19 at the European Champs was definitely a massive achievement for me, as well as also winning gold at the same tournament!! But most recently, it has to be winning the Superleague with Surrey Storm, which felt pretty good too! 

Summer: Playing for England A at Wembley Arena in the 2014 Zeo Test Series. We played Jamaica (w4) Wales (w5) and New Zealand (w2)

2.         What is the best thing about competing for Brunel?

Georgia: BUCS is my favourite league to play in, it’s where I get to just play with no pressures and get to have a bit of fun trying out some new stuff I learnt at Storm that week.  Being a part of Team Brunel is absolutely amazing too, everyone gets so geared up for game day, it gives you a real buzz on a Wednesday morning to go out and do your upmost to win!

3.         Do you find it hard to manage your university study with your training/playing commitments? And how have Brunel helped with this?

Georgia: Yes definitely! I think it’s hard for any athlete to compete at an elite level whilst studying full time too! I’m starting to find it really hard this year whilst studying for a Masters but it’s all just about prioritising your time and planning 1 week at a time. This year I was lucky enough to receive a Sports Scholarship & an Academic Scholarship from Brunel, which has really helped me out financially, meaning I don’t have to train, study and work full time! The sports scholarship at Brunel is amazing; it offers free access to world class facilities, an S&C coach, athlete accommodation, as well as access to the spa and a physio which is really appreciated during the height of the season!!

Summer: Time management is a massive skill and to be honest I'm still trying to master it! When I get set an assignment I always try to just get on with it straight away. That way, I can get through it step by step. Late night panicky library sessions are definitely not for me.

4.         What do you hope to achieve within your sport?

Summer: I want to be a part of the team that makes history in world competitions, changing the game and further raising the profile of the sport.

Georgia: Obviously the main aim is always to play for your country at the highest level but it takes a lot of hard work to get there. So I think for now my main aim for this year is to establish myself as a player within the Superleague for Surrey Storm and we’ll just see what happens from there.

5.         How does the standard differ between your university fixtures and your club fixtures? And is the atmosphere from the crowd different?

Summer: For Superleague games there's usually a few thousand who come to watch.  My Superleague debut for Team Bath in 2014 had over 2000 people for the opening game so the atmosphere was electric. In comparison to the university fixtures; obviously the crowd isn't the same, but we love the support that we do get for our home matches!

Georgia: The standard we have at BUNC this year is the best we’ve had in a long while, everyone brings something different to the team as is willing to work hard to help us reach our main goal of winning BUCS. But obviously at Storm I’m playing with some of the best players in the country in front of a 1000 person home crowd, so of course the standard and atmosphere is going to be completely different. However, I don’t think you can be the good old university chants and songs at a home game!

6.        Can you give those reading any tips about an energy fuelled pre match meal on a student budget?!

Georgia: My favourite pre game meal is definitely a chicken pasta dish. It’s so quick and cheap to make and if you make it in bulk you can save some for later in the week to! I also like to freeze meals, so that if it’s been a busy week I have a meal already prepared for me.

Summer:  LIDL. Seriously.

7.       What has been the highlight of your Brunel sporting career so far?

Georgia: My first BUCS game for Brunel back in 2012 was an amazing experience, I remember it was played on a Monday night and there was a massive home crowd, we ended up losing the game but the atmosphere there was just amazing!

Summer: That's a hard one. Our victory over Cardiff Met has to be up there. I've never seen so much patience in attack and perseverance in defence. It really gave me a sense of pride knowing that everyone on court was giving it 110% enabling us to win the game.

Also, I played my first full game after having to take 20 months out after rupturing my ACL. This was during our victory over Exeter and it's not a game I'll be forgetting in a hurry!

8.          Is Wednesday your favourite day of the week?!

Summer: Of course it is!

Georgia: What’s there not to love about a #BUCSwednesday, especially when I get to spend it with the best team on campus!

Keep up to date with the big game by following @bucssport and @brunelstudents for live updates throughout the game – 5pm start.

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