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Leeds Sport - Improving Student Sporting Experience
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Leeds Sport - Improving Student Sporting Experience 13/10/2015

In 2011 talks began to develop a new strategy for sport and physical activity at the University of Leeds. Following a period of extended consultation with key stakeholders a new vision was agreed; “ To be number one provider of higher education sport and physical activity experience in the UK”.

This was a bold statement, which captured the attention of the university Vice chancellor and the sector more widely. In 2014 it was decided that to fully achieve this vision and inspire students through sport the two providers of the offer; the university Sports Development Team and the sports part of the Leeds University Union Activities Office should merge and form a new team responsible for delivering our entire sporting offer now called the Leeds Sport team.

This has been an ongoing process ever since and this team is now operating under one structure with a shared vision and direction. The team have collective goals as well as consistency in job titles and clarity on roles and responsibilities. Sport is now delivered under one, new unified brand which seeks to ensure that accessing our broad sporting offer is as simple as possible. One of the most important changes is that Leeds is now the “Home of the Gryphons” and we are all Gryphons! From our staff, to the players, to the coaches to the volunteers and to all our friends and colleagues, everyone is invited to be part of our community and be a Gryphon.

Our sports strategy has been endorsed at the very highest level with a specific reference to our partnership and the Leeds Sport team in both the university and Leeds University Union strategic plans. With this level of organisational support, our fantastic students, staff, facilities and programmes, we look forward to the next academic year and working towards creating the very best sporting experience for our students.

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