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#BUCSwednesday Durham
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Will Purple Reign this #BUCSwednesday 28/01/2015

It's felt like an age since the last, but finally the wait is over as #BUCSwednesday returns in 2015 with a huge 1720 fixtures. 

2015 starts with a familiar feel to it with Durham sitting in second position behind Loughborough, a mirror image of the final table for the last three years and, when it comes to team sports and #BUCSwednesday, there is clearly an ever increasing rivalry between these two power houses, so it seemed fitting to focus on The Times and Sunday Times Sports University of the Year this Wednesday where Britain’s top two BUCS Universities come up against each other in no fewer than nine fixtures.

Back in 2010 Durham was one of a number of ambitious sporting institutions sat in the pack vying for position behind the sporting superpowers that are Loughborough, Bath and Birmingham. However a steady and sustained period of development and growth has seen the Palatinates leapfrog Bath, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Leeds Beckett and Nottingham and, for now at least, make second place in the overall BUCS table their own.

One of Durham’s objectives is to be recognised as Britain’s leading team sport university. The Palatinate’s are currently top of nine Premier League tables with Loughborough top of five, and with Durham in front of their rivals from the Midlands in both overall league and cup points it is clear that if it was not for Loughborough’s incredible strength in both Swimming and Athletics, there really would be a tussle of some significance at the top of the overall BUCS rankings.

#BUCSwednesday Durham

In total the Palatinate’s will compete in 67 fixtures on Wednesday and with an overall win rate of 64%, higher than any institution currently in the top ten of the BUCS rankings, Durham will be looking to once again get close to the two/one win/loss ratio which is the weekly target for Durham sides.

When asked about the value of BUCS Sport to Durham Quentin Sloper, Head of Sport, Music and Theatre, had the following to say:

“BUCS is hugely important to us, not just for sports that play on a Wednesday but for all of programmes. In university representative terms it’s the foundation from which our overall programme has developed. There is no point in competing in the British Basketball League, First Class cricket fixtures, the Women’s Football Super League, National League Hockey or Henley if you can’t be successful in university sport.

"More often than not, and no matter whatever else our students are aspiring to achieve, its putting on the Palatinate colours and competing for Durham against their peers that form the fondest sporting memories for our students and alumni. Our programme continues to grow, we have 7,000 students involved in College (intra-mural) sport, a developing Leadership Academy, an outstanding volunteer programme and we continue to explore other opportunities to compete in elite competition outside of the sector but, make no mistake, BUCS is right at the heart of what we do and I would be surprised if that ever changed.”

#BUCSwednesday Durham

Durham's Premier League #BUCSwednesday fixtures;

Women’s Badminton v Loughborough (h)
Men’s Fencing v Lancaster (a)
Women’s Fencing v Aberdeen (a)
Men’s Football v Loughborough (a)
Women’s Football v Loughborough (a)
Mixed Golf v Birmingham (a)
Men’s Hockey v Loughborough (h)
Women’s Hockey v Loughborough (h)
Women’s Lacrosse v Loughborough (h)
Men’s Lacrosse v Loughborough (h)
Men’s Rugby Union v Loughborough (a)
Women’s Rugby v Loughborough (a)
Men’s Tennis v Stirling (h)
Men’s Waterpolo v Edinburgh (a)


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