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Loughborough #BUCSWednesday BUCS
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#BUCSwednesday Focus on Loughborough 05/11/2014

This #BUCSwednesday we are turning our attention to the university #WhereHistoryBegins, the mosts successful university in BUCS and hosts for today's BUCS varsity with arch rivals Durham...

As the 2013/14 BUCS season concluded it came as no surprise to anyone that Loughborough University once again retained their position at the top of the BUCS points table. Most won’t remember back to a time before Loughborough’s dominance, in fact you would have to go back to long before any of the current student population were born to find a time when another university graced the number one position. 

There is some debate around how long Loughborough have held this title, but our records suggest last season is the 36th consecutive year that Loughborough have won the Kerslake Trophy, the reward for topping the BUCS overall points table. The history records go as far back as to 1959 when the first ever Kerslake trophy was awarded to the University of Birmingham, who went on to win it fifteen times most recently in 1978, the year before Loughborough began their dominance. 

Loughborough #BUCSWednesday BUCS

Loughborough #BUCSWednesday BUCS

Back to the present and back to Loughborough whose graduates include Lord Sebastian Coe, Paula Radcliffe, probably the greatest-ever Paralympian Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson, and World Cup winning England rugby coach Sir Clive Woodward in a hall of Fame that would take an age to list. At present they dominate the BUCS competition particularly in athletics and swimming and if you were only to consider their achievements in these two sports alone they would still finish inside the top 15 Universities on the overall points table, quite some achievement.

But what if we consider the points won on a #BUCSwednesday? Well currently this season Durham sit ahead of Loughborourgh in the BUCS points table based mostly on the points they would win if their teams finish the season in the position they are now. We won’t know these points for sure until well into next year but we do know that for the first time in the Loughborough reign, Durham’s teams won more points in BUCS leagues than Loughborough did. 

Will Loughborough fear losing their overall title, not just yet, but there’s no denying that there is a growing rivalry between these two sporting powerhouses. 

Loughborough #BUCSWednesday BUCS
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