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Kingston University
Kingston University

Kingston University has entered 24 team(s) into the BUCS league programme for the Season 2018-19.

Kingston has secured 75 wins so far this season, with 97 defeats and 13 draws, making their win rate 41%

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Wednesday, 13 February 2019:
L Men's Lacrosse(Cup):
Brunel 1st w/o v Kingston 1st
W Men's Rugby Union(League):
Chichester 2nd 34 - 38 Kingston 1st
L Men's Basketball(League):
Surrey 2nd 69 - 68 Kingston 1st
Sunday, 10 February 2019:
L Mixed American Football(League):
Surrey 1st 14 - 8 Kingston 1st
Wednesday, 06 February 2019:
W Women's Basketball(League):
Reading 1st 48 - 57 Kingston 1st
L Women's Volleyball(League):
King's College 1st 3 - 0 Kingston 1st
W Men's Lacrosse(League):
Kingston 1st 7 - 6 Chichester 1st
L Women's Lacrosse(League):
Chichester 1st 30 - 2 Kingston 1st
W Men's Football(League):
Kingston 1st 3 - 1 LSE 2nd
L Women's Rugby Union(League):
Kingston 1st 14 - 37 Imperial 1st
Sunday, 17 February 2019:
Men's Futsal(League):
Brighton 2nd VS Kingston 1st
Mixed American Football(League):
Reading 1st VS Kingston 1st
Wednesday, 20 February 2019:
Women's Basketball(League):
Roehampton 1st VS Kingston 1st
Women's Hockey(League):
Kingston 1st VS Chichester 1st
Men's Football(League):
Kingston 2nd VS Buckingham New 3rd
Men's Football(League):
Kingston 3rd VS Roehampton 3rd
Women's Football(League):
Middlesex 1st VS Kingston 1st
Men's Football(League):
Royal Holloway 1st VS Kingston 1st
Women's Netball(League):
Kingston 2nd VS Chichester 5th
Men's Rugby Union(Cup):
St Mary's 2nd VS Kingston 1st
Gender Sport Team Form
Men's Basketball Kingston 2nd WWWWWL
Women's Netball Kingston 2nd WWWWWL
Men's Rugby Union Kingston 1st WWWLWW
Mixed Tennis Kingston 1st (LUSL) WWWWLL
Men's Football Kingston 1st WWLWWL
Women's Basketball Kingston 1st WWLWWL
Men's Hockey Kingston 1st WWLWLW
Women's Netball Kingston 1st (LUSL) WLWWLW
Women's Netball Kingston 3rd WLLWWW
Men's Basketball Kingston 1st LWWWLW
Women's Netball Kingston 1st LWWLWW
Men's American Football Kingston 1st LWWLWW
Mixed Golf Kingston 1st LWWDWD
Men's Cricket (Indoor) Kingston 1st LWLWWW
Men's Futsal Kingston 1st LWLDWW
Men's Lacrosse Kingston 1st WWLWLL
Men's Squash Kingston 1st (LUSL) WWLLLW
Mixed Golf Kingston 2nd WLDDLW
Men's Cricket Kingston 1st LWWWLL
Women's Rugby Union Kingston 1st (LUSL) LWWLLW
Men's Squash Kingston 1st LWWLLW
Mixed Badminton Kingston 1st (LUSL) LLWLWW
Men's Football Kingston 2nd LDDLDW
Mixed Hockey Kingston 1st (LUSL) WDLDLL
Men's Football Kingston 4th LWDLDL
Men's Tennis Kingston 1st LLWLWL
Women's Volleyball Kingston 1st LLWLLW
Men's Football Kingston 3rd LLLWLW
Women's Football Kingston 1st DLWLLD
Women's Badminton Kingston 1st WDLLLL
Men's Badminton Kingston 2nd DLLLWL
Women's Squash Kingston 1st WLL
Men's Cricket Kingston 2nd W
Men's Gaelic Football Kingston 1st LWLL
Women's Rugby Union Kingston 1st LLLWLL
Mixed American Football Kingston 1st LLLLWL
Men's Rugby Union Kingston 2nd LLLLLW
Women's Hockey Kingston 1st LLLLLW
Women's Tennis Kingston 1st DLLLDL
Mixed Lacrosse Kingston 1st (LUSL) LLLLLD
Men's Volleyball Kingston 1st LLLLLL
Women's Lacrosse Kingston 1st LLLLLL
Men's Badminton Kingston 1st LLLLLL
Men's Futsal Kingston 2nd LLLLL
Men's Cricket Kingston 1st (LUSL) N/A
Men's Basketball Kingston 1st (LUSL) N/A
Men's Football Kingston 5th N/A
Men's Rugby Sevens Kingston 1st N/A

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