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Bangor University
Bangor University

Bangor University has entered 39 team(s) into the BUCS league programme for the Season 2018-19.

Bangor has secured 181 wins so far this season, with 181 defeats and 17 draws, making their win rate 48%

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Wednesday, 22 May 2019:
W Women's Cricket(League):
Lancaster 1st 69 - 70 Bangor 1st
W Men's Cricket(League):
Edge Hill 1st 373 - 191 Bangor 1st
Wednesday, 15 May 2019:
W Men's Cricket(League):
Bangor 1st 323 - 209 Lancaster 2nd
W Women's Cricket(League):
Bangor 1st 91 - 39 Liverpool 1st
Wednesday, 01 May 2019:
L Men's Cricket(League):
Bangor 1st 79 - 82 Manchester 3rd
L Women's Cricket(League):
Bangor 1st 23 - 24 Sheffield 1st
Saturday, 13 April 2019:
L Men's Ultimate (Outdoor)(Cup):
Bangor 1st V - V Keele 1st
Wednesday, 27 March 2019:
W Men's Squash(League):
Bangor 2nd 3 - 0 Bradford 1st
W Men's Tennis(League):
Bangor 2nd w/o v Keele 3rd
L Women's Tennis(League):
Leeds Beckett 3rd w/o v Bangor 1st
Wednesday, 29 May 2019:
Men's Cricket(League):
Bangor 1st VS Keele 1st
Women's Cricket(League):
Bangor 1st VS Leeds 1st
Thursday, 30 May 2019:
Men's Cricket(League):
Liverpool Hope 1st VS Bangor 1st
Gender Sport Team Form
Men's Ultimate (Outdoor) Bangor 1st WWWWWW
Men's Lacrosse Bangor 1st WLWWWW
Women's Volleyball Bangor 1st WLWWWW
Men's Table Tennis Bangor 1st LWWWWW
Women's Basketball Bangor 1st LWWWWW
Women's Hockey Bangor 1st WWLDWW
Men's Badminton Bangor 1st WWDLWW
Men's Futsal Bangor 1st WWWWLL
Men's Cricket Bangor 1st WWLWLW
Men's Squash Bangor 2nd WWLWLW
Men's Football Bangor 2nd WWLLWW
Men's Badminton Bangor 3rd WLWWWL
Men's Hockey Bangor 2nd WLLWWW
Women's Rugby Union Bangor 1st WLLWWW
Women's Netball Bangor 1st LWWWWL
Men's Football Bangor 3rd LWWWLW
Women's Netball Bangor 2nd LWLWWW
Men's Hockey Bangor 1st LLWWWW
Men's Rugby Union Bangor 1st WLWWLL
Women's Fencing Bangor 1st WLWWLL
Men's Squash Bangor 1st WLWLWL
Men's American Football Bangor 1st WLWLLW
Men's Tennis Bangor 1st WLLDDW
Mixed Golf Bangor 1st LWLWLW
Women's Futsal Bangor 1st LWLLWW
Men's Basketball Bangor 1st LWLLWW
Women's Squash Bangor 1st WLLDLW
Men's Football Bangor 1st LLDWWL
Women's Cricket Bangor 1st WWLLLL
Mixed American Football Bangor 1st WLWLLL
Men's Tennis Bangor 2nd WLWLLL
Men's Badminton Bangor 2nd WLLWLL
Men's Rugby League Bangor 1st LLLWWL
Men's Volleyball Bangor 1st LLLLWW
Women's Football Bangor 1st LLLLWW
Women's Hockey Bangor 2nd LLDLWL
Men's Cricket (Indoor) Bangor 1st WLLLLL
Men's Rugby Union Bangor 2nd WLLLLL
Women's Lacrosse Bangor 1st WLLLLL
Men's Fencing Bangor 1st LLWLLL
Women's Badminton Bangor 1st LLLLLW
Women's Tennis Bangor 1st LLLLLW
Men's Hockey Bangor 3rd LDLLLL
Men's Gaelic Football Bangor 1st LLLLLL
Men's Canoe Bangor 1st N/A
Mixed Equestrian Bangor 2nd N/A
Women's Ultimate (Outdoor) Bangor 1st N/A
Men's Ultimate Bangor 1st N/A
Men's Ultimate Bangor 2nd N/A
Women's Ultimate Bangor 1st N/A
Mixed Equestrian Bangor 1st N/A

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