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University of Sussex
University of Sussex

University of Sussex has entered 40 team(s) into the BUCS league programme for the Season 2018-19.

Sussex has secured 79 wins so far this season, with 68 defeats and 13 draws, making their win rate 50%

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Sunday, 18 November 2018:
W Mixed American Football(League):
King's College 1st 6 - 11 Sussex 1st
Wednesday, 14 November 2018:
W Women's Basketball(League):
Chichester 1st 47 - 64 Sussex 1st
W Men's Basketball(League):
Chichester 1st 47 - 70 Sussex 1st
L Women's Hockey(League):
UCL 4th 3 - 1 Sussex 2nd
W Men's Volleyball(League):
Sussex 1st 3 - 2 LSE 1st
W Men's Hockey(League):
Sussex 1st 3 - 1 Reading 3rd
L Women's Netball(League):
Portsmouth 1st 47 - 34 Sussex 1st
W Women's Squash(League):
Sussex 1st 2 - 2 LSE 1st
W Men's Squash(League):
Sussex 1st 4 - 1 Brunel 1st
L Women's Hockey(League):
Sussex 1st 0 - 3 Royal Holloway 1st
Wednesday, 21 November 2018:
Men's Football(Cup):
Sussex 2nd VS UCFB 6th (Wembley)
Women's Volleyball(Cup):
Sussex 1st VS BYE
Women's Tennis(Cup):
Sussex 1st VS Queen Mary 1st (Barts and the London SMD)
Women's Hockey(Cup):
Sussex 1st VS Surrey 2nd
Men's Table Tennis(Cup):
Bath 1st VS Sussex 1st
Men's Tennis(Cup):
Brighton 1st VS Sussex 1st
Women's Lacrosse(Cup):
Brunel 1st VS Sussex 1st
Women's Rugby Union(Cup):
East Anglia 1st VS Sussex 1st
Women's Squash(League):
Imperial 1st VS Sussex 1st
Men's Badminton(League):
Sussex 1st VS St George's 1st
Gender Sport Team Form
Women's Rugby Union Sussex 1st WWWWWW
Men's Rugby Union Sussex 2nd WWWWWW
Men's Cricket Sussex 2nd WWWWWW
Women's Tennis Sussex 1st WWWWWL
Men's Basketball Sussex 1st WWWWWL
Men's Lacrosse Sussex 1st WWWWWL
Men's Volleyball Sussex 1st WWWWLW
Men's Squash Sussex 1st WWWLWW
Men's Ultimate (Outdoor) Sussex 1st WLWWWW
Men's Football Sussex 2nd WWLWDW
Men's Hockey Sussex 2nd WWLDWW
Men's Tennis Sussex 2nd DDWWDW
Women's Basketball Sussex 1st WWWLLW
Men's Football Sussex 1st WDDWLW
Women's Lacrosse Sussex 1st LWWWWL
Men's Squash Sussex 2nd LWWWLW
Men's Fencing Sussex 1st LWLWWW
Men's Table Tennis Sussex 3rd LLWWWW
Men's Table Tennis Sussex 2nd WWWLLL
Men's Rugby Union Sussex 1st WWLLLW
Men's Hockey Sussex 1st WLWDDL
Women's Table Tennis Sussex 1st LWWWLL
Men's Table Tennis Sussex 1st LWLLWW
Women's Netball Sussex 1st LWLLWW
Men's Badminton Sussex 1st DWWLLD
Women's Hockey Sussex 1st LLWLWD
Men's Cricket Sussex 1st WWLLLL
Men's Cricket (Indoor) Sussex 1st WLWLLL
Women's Football Sussex 2nd LWLWLL
Women's Volleyball Sussex 1st LLWLWL
Women's Netball Sussex 2nd LLWLLW
Men's Tennis Sussex 1st LWDLLL
Men's Fencing Sussex 2nd LLLWLD
Women's Hockey Sussex 2nd LDDDLL
Mixed American Football Sussex 1st WLLLLL
Women's Fencing Sussex 1st LWLLLL
Women's Rugby Union Sussex 2nd LLWLLL
Women's Football Sussex 1st LLLWLL
Women's Fencing Sussex 2nd LLLLWL
Men's American Football Sussex 1st LLLLWL
Men's Rugby Union Sussex 3rd LLLLWL
Women's Hockey Sussex 3rd LLLLWL
Women's Squash Sussex 1st DLLLDL
Men's Football Sussex 3rd LLLLDL
Women's Tennis Sussex 2nd LLLDLL
Men's Squash Sussex 3rd LLLLLL
Men's Ultimate (Outdoor) Sussex 2nd LLLLLL
Women's Badminton Sussex 1st LLLLLL
Women's Lacrosse Sussex 2nd LLL
Men's Cricket Sussex 3rd LL
Women's Cricket Sussex 1st L
Women's Ultimate Sussex 1st N/A
Women's Ultimate (Outdoor) Sussex 1st N/A
Men's Ultimate Sussex 1st N/A
Men's Ultimate Sussex 2nd N/A
Men's Ultimate Sussex 3rd N/A
Mixed Korfball Sussex 1st N/A

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