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Table Tennis
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Table Tennis

Teams compete in a league programme throughout the season from October to February. Each team’s position in the league pyramid determines whether they qualify for the Championship, Trophy or Conference knockout competitions culminating in the Team Championship Finals. The Individual Championships are a separate event to the team championships, competitors initially compete in pools before progressing to a direct elimination competition.

The Table Tennis Sport Advisory Group provide technical and sport specific knowledge to the BUCS Office to help run the programme. To view the membership of the group please click here.

Table Tennis is also part of the BUCS international programme and is competed at European University Competitions.

The Individual Championships are held in February over one weekend with capacity for events for men, women and athletes with disabilities. Competitors can enter singles, doubles and mixed doubles in a straight knockout tournament.

Table tennis has a dedicated Sports Manager, Competition Manager and Event Coordinator responsible for delivering the programme. The Sports Manager’s main role is to work with key partners to develop and deliver a strategy assisting the development of table tennis within Higher Education. The Sport Advisory Group for table tennis is made up of volunteers with an excellent knowledge of table tennis and higher education sport. The group provides technical support to staff and assists with the delivery of the programme.

EUSA (European Universities Sports Association) events are ’tournament winners’ tournaments for Universities and allow the top Universities in the BUCS Competitions to compete against the best Universities in Europe. EUSA events take place each year, and alternate annually between the EUSA Games (a single multi-sport event) and the EUSA Championships (a series of single-sport events).

For more details on competing at this event please click on the European University Competition link on the sub menu.


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