Individual Championships

Qualifying Dates and Venues

Date Region Venue Closing date
31 Jan - 1 Feb 2015 North Leeds Met 11-Dec-14
7-8 Feb 2015 Midlands Warwick University 11-Dec-14
14-15 Feb 2015 South East Bucks Tennis Centre 11-Dec-14
21-22 Feb 2015 South West Exeter University 11-Dec-14
TBC FINALS Loughborough University 11-Dec-14



Men's Singles – A minimum of 12 players will be selected directly for the finals with the remaining players coming from the regional qualifying events to make a 32 draw.

Men's Doubles - At finals event only.  

Women's Singles - A minimum of 8 players will be selected directly for the finals with the remaining players coming from the regional qualifying events to make a 24 draw.

Women's Doubles - At finals event only.

Entry Information

All entries are to be made through the BUCScore online entry form.

Singles entry = £30.00

Doubles entries will open on Tuesday 3 February 2015 and close on Thursday 26 February 2015. 

The following information is required when entering competitors on to BUCScore:

-LTA Rating
-Player information such as rankings/previous tournament results etc (to assist with seeding)
-Venue choice


All institutions will be guaranteed at least one entry per event. 

Additional players will be accepted, subject to entry numbers in order of merit.

Entrants must be available for the whole of the qualification event they choose to attend.

Players must specify on the online entry form a preference for qualifying venue. Players can make themselves available for one, two or three venues.

Every effort will be made to accommodate first preferences when completing the qualifying acceptances for each venue and players will only be considered for the venue(s) they have made themselves available for. This could mean one venue has byes while another is over-subscribed (and so has players on reserve lists) which is why players / groups should consider providing at least a second option where it is feasible for them to do so.

The emphasis on the qualifying acceptances will be to ensure a balance of qualifying seeds at each venue while giving each institution fair representation.

The Tournament shall be conducted on a ‘knock-out’ basis and each match shall consist of the best of three sets. 

Wherever possible players from the same institution shall be placed in different quarters of the draw.

The doubles events will be played at the finals event only, entries for the doubles events will be finalised once the singles acceptances have been confirmed – information on this will follow immediately upon completion of the qualifying rounds.

Matches will be played indoors.

To assist seeding and entry selection players’ playing information should include details of past performances & rankings and players should be entered in order of merit.British Tennis Membership is NOT a requirement for entry to the BUCS competition but since free membership is available for students it is encouraged. 

Those with BTM should provide their membership numbers as results between rated players will count for LTA ratings and rankings. This event carries LTA National Ranking Points. Help with obtaining BTM is available from Katie Evans, Competition Support Intern for University tennis, at  

At the finals there will be no ‘lucky losers’ accepted on the day, players not in the draw will not be able to compete under any circumstances.